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Extreme pain and numbness in one leg

January 2000

I have been diagnosed with sciatica this week. It started with extreme pain, and now numbness down one leg. Anyone know a good chiropractic? Or any other helpful suggestions for recovery. Already trying yoga and stretching Paula

Dr. Donna LaFlamme is absolutely great -- a chiropracter and much, much more. She is trained in several healing arts, western and eastern, and is very experienced. She is very concerned about her patients -- called me up two days after my first visit to make sure I was doing OK because I hadn't reported in yet. Also, I felt absolutely confident that she wouldn't push unnecessary treatment on me just for the sake of $ -- unlike my feelings about other chiropracters. When I left after my first visit she made it clear that she didn't want to see me again unless my stiffness returned and I felt that it was necessary; contrast the last chiro I saw who expected me to come in for 6 weekly appointments no matter what. She has an office in her home with all the latest equipment. Call her at 526-6002. Tim
Sada Anand Miller, DC (654-2704) is located in Oakland (around $50/1/2 hour session). She is marvelously gifted in healing. Dr. Kenneth Lossing, DO (415-460-6310) is located in San Rafael across from Montecito Plaza ($125 for 1/2 hour session). He is an incredible osteopath. And if your health care doesn't cover this type treatment, try Jin Shin Jyutsu ($60/1-1/2 hour session) from either Barbara Baiardi (235-0616) or Leah Statman (525-5080). This methodology helps the body heal itself and, despite its gentleness, works incredibly deeply. addressing underlying causes of disharmony and dis-ease. Great you are doing yoga and stretching! Good luck! Nori

During my last pregnancy I got sciatica so bad that it became excrutiating to walk. The Kaiser doctors told me that once you get sciatica in pregnancy you're likely to have it until after the birth. My yoga teacher said call Kathy Moring (in Concord I believe-- somewhere just E of the tunnel on Hwy 24). Kathy teaches accupressure and has a private practice. She did one session on me, showed my husband some of the pressure points to work on for the next couple of days. Even after the one hour with her it was vastly improved and within one day it was gone. Good luck.
My back problems began with sciatica about 15 years ago, so I am most sympathetic. I have had bouts with it off and on for it since then, and I have found it comes and goes depending on many things: how much strain I am giving my back, how I am sitting/moving at work, and even if I am fatigued or stressed.

I have had physical therapy, chiropractic care, worked out in a gym, done yoga, and so on. I found that I had to pressure my doctor into taking it seriously when it started acting up last year. I was referred for physical therapy to Dawn Loretz at Sports and Orthopedic on Telegraph (I have HealthNet). She is wonderful. She is very good at explaining what is happening, and she responds well to my input. She focuses a lot on the importance of stretching and movement, as well as cutting down on whatever stresses my back. Overall, I have found P.T. to be more helpful than chiropractic care, if only because it is more consistent, and because one of the things they focus on is your body mechanics: what happens when you do XYZ. I have found that P.T.s spend more time doing an initial evaluation. I have seen chiropractors who have set to work on me with little or no information on my medical history.

Overall, though, I have found that I have to take tremendous responsibility for the health of my back. A varied approach seems to work best (keeping weight down, walking, stretching, P.T., massage and staying de-stressed). If you sit a lot at work, you might see if you can have your work station evaluated professionally. I got a flare-up a few years ago when my hard drive got placed under my desk so that I was twisting slightly when I sat. When I corrected it, it cleared up. Best of luck to you--

September 1998

In reply to Sciatica problem. I am 7 months pregnant and having severe sciatica problems. I have found relief at In-line Chiropractic in Oakland. My Dr. is Liz Ringrose and she has been very helpful. The practice is located on Lake Shore Avenue across from Lake Merrit. Good luck. Kristi
I had severe sciatica when I was 8 months pregnant (couldn't walk, couldn't sleep, I even cried it hurt so bad). My Ob refered me to a physical therapist and it REALLY helped. It did not go away right away, but it was bearable even after the first visit. By 4 visits it was pretty much gone. He gave me excercises to do several times a day which really helped. However: I have talked to a lot of people who have sciatica since then, because I was suprised how painful it was. Sciatica is caused by the sciatic nerve being pinched. But the pinching can be caused by either a muscle spasm (my case), or by disks in your backbone. People with the former seem to swear by physical therapists, people with the latter like chiropractors. I'd encourage you to go to your doctor and get a referal. Lisa

A really good Chiropractor's Office is Oak Bay Chiropractic in Oakland. In particular, Dr. Jan Corwin is excellent. His office is on pill hill and his staff will work with you to make sure your insurance covers you. His website is http://www.oakbaychiro.com/ His other contact info is: Jan M. Corwin, DC, CCSP 494 Hawthorne Ave. Oakland, CA 94609 tel: 510-654-8547 fax: 510-654-8034 Good luck, and don't wear your wallet in your back pocket!
I would recommend seeing a chiropractor for sciatica. I've had very good success with Dr.Charles Prins on Solano Ave.for a painful neuroma in my foot and also for all kinds of sports injuries afflicting my 11 year old daughter. Good luck! Marji
I have been using Solano Chiropractic on Solano Ave., Berkeley, for 3 years. Dr. Parissa Peymani does great adjustments and has fixed my daughter's Scoliosis and kept the entire family pretty much free of dis-ease for a long time. I trust her. In the past, I used Dr. Jan Corwin (male) on pill-hill in Oakland and he is also exceptional. Barbara
I have just started attending a chiropractor that I would highly recommend, his name is Jay Bunker and he has offices on Solano Ave., in Albany. I have referral cards for a free consultation so you can call me Deirdre

I can highly recomend my chiropractor: Jerry M. Behymer DC 3676 Mt. Diablo Blvd. Lafayette, Ca 94549 (925)284-5581
Chiropractor for sciatica: Dr. Abby Irwin helped me get over a bad case of sciatica a couple of years ago. Her office is at 2400 Lakeshore, Oakland. Tel: 893 1577. Martha