Packing for the Hospital

Archived Q&A and Reviews

I am in the process of packing my emergency hospital bag for when I go into labor. I haven't seen any check-off sheets in my information packet that the doctor gave me and thought that some seasoned pro's might be able help. I'd just like to know what I will need, or in retrospect, items you'd wished you'd packed. Thanks for the help!
I had a labor that started around midnight and then I delivered at 5 p.m. My husband was with me the whole time and did not eat the whole time. Next time, I think we'll try to bring a small cooler with blue ice and drinks, sandwich, snacks, maybe even a frozen dinner for hubby to keep fueled up with. There may even be a fridge/freezer/microwave near the L& D room for hubby to store and prepare his meal in.
I referred to all the lists, packed everything they advised at the birth preparation class, but didn't really use any of it. I wore the hospital-provided garb and used their toiletries. I ended up taking the epidural, so I didn't need or use any of the relaxation aids. The only things I really remember using were my camera, our cell phone (the telephone in our room didn't work), a CD player, and a CD of Mozart songs, the latter of which we played continuously. My husband bought me a circular pillow for breastfeeding at the hospital store just as we were about to check out. It would have been helpful to have that when we arrived, since as a first time mother, getting the hang of breast feeding was a bit awkward at first. Good luck and have fun!
I stayed 2 nights, but all I used/wished I had was a nursing bra, a pretty nightgown that opens in front to alow nursing (I brought one that did not open, so I could not really wear it), a hairbrush, toothbrush and hair gel, a camera, an outfit for the baby to come home in, and a carseat with infant head support (get that today if you don't have it already!). I did not use any of the other stuff I brought. My husband stayed with me the whole time, but I don't remember what he brought or what he needed. More people than I expected can to visit me, that's why I liked the hairbrush and gel. Makeup may have been nice too.
In my experience, you'll want your very basic toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, glasses) and a change of clothing, ideally something loose and comfortable. I also brought a book, which I think I read a bit at some point. And pack a camera and maybe some juice. That ought to do it, I think.