Mammogram while Pregnant

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Had a mammogram before I knew I was pregnant

Aug 2003

I'm probably freaking out prematurely, but I'm freaking out. I had a mammogram (diagnostic, to check out a breast lump that turned out to be a cyst) and now I think I may be pregnant. If so, I would have been about a week pregnant during the mammogram. I'm just going over and over and over this scenario and wondering if I'll need to abort if I am pregnant. Has anyone had this happen to them? Did you carry the baby to term? Was it born with three heads? freaked out

Don't freak out. Let it go. Your baby will be fine. On the off chance you miscarry, your mammogram will have had nothing to do with it. An MD mama who had a mammo when pregnant

A friend of mine went through breast cancer while pregnant. In her case, they felt it was safe to continue her pregnancy and treat the cancer with drugs after the baby was born. She and her son have been in Europe for the past few weeks and I'm not sure if she's back yet, but I'd be happy to put you in touch with her.

Please relax! I too had a mammogram before I knew I was pregnant and I too freaked out. When I called Kaiser SF advice line the idiot on the line told me to ''come in and we could schedule termination of the baby''. I cried. Then I called everyone I knew, including a radiologist and a doctor friend, they all told me shouldn't be a problem. AND IT WASN''T! My baby turned out fine. Please don't worry about it. I only wish I knew the idiot that gave me advice so I could get her fired, how incompetent. What if I had listened to her. I wouldn't have my precious son. anon