Lactose Intolerance during Pregnancy

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2004

Has anyone ever experienced lactose intolerance only when they are pregnant? I think that is what I am experiecing right now, but I can't find any information on web about it, any my doctor is not familiar with this phenomenon. I don't need advice on how to deal with it, I'm just curious if anyone ever had lactose intolerance soley during pregnancy? Dairyless

Hi, I was lactose intolerant in my first and second trimesters. It sucked, because I'm a cheese & ice cream freak. I found out that I could eat yogurt (frozen too!) and harder cheeses, like chedder, without upset. I got ''Earth Balance'' margarine from Trader Joe's which in non GMO & relatively healthy for Margarine and tastes a helluva lot like butter. I used soy milk when I needed milk (for tea & cereal), and by my third trimester I could handle small doses of real ice cream! Just test yourself and your tolerance. It does get easier. stephanie
What a drag! I had just the opposite; pregnancy was when my lactose intolerance went away. However, as someone who suffers from this all the time, I can suggest 1) staying away from high- fat dairy (whole milk, cream, etc.), as nonfat options seem to effect me less, and 2) do not underestimate the value of Lactaid pills/products. I don't think the milk tastes very good, but the pills are a wonder, and you can get the cheaper store-brand versions, which work very well. Costco has them the cheapest. But you may have to take more than one pill per meal. You'll figure it out fast... Good luck! anon
I had a temporary lactose intolerance, which made me very sick, just after giving birth, which was somehow pregnancy related. Lasted about a month. My midwife and my GP both said that it is more typical when pregnant. Hopefully it won't last. Good luck!