Broken Leg while Pregnant

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I just got a bad broken leg and I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my third child. The Dr. said it should be 8-10 weeks for it to fully heal (assuming I don't need surgery). What I was wondering is whether anyone has any experience with alternative remedies for speeding up the healing of broken bones, which are safe during pregnancy. I wish I could put arnica gel on it, but it's casted, and I don't think taking arnica internally is safe in pregnancy. Any other ideas? Does it help to take lots of calcium or any other supplements? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
What a miserable thing to happen - and during pregnancy, too. Here's an idea that might help. Drink lots and lots of nettle infusion (put a handful of dry nettles into a mason jar, fill with hot water, seal, and let stand overnight. Strain, chill in refrig for a while and voila! Refreshing nettle infusion). It's probably the best way to get your calcium while pregnant (not to mention lots of other good vitamins and minerals). Nettles is good as an any-time all around tonic, but it's particularly helpful for calcium and iron intake during pregnancy. Ask any midwife. There are several stores that sell dry herbs in Berkeley. Good luck! Julie
Ugh - what a predicament! You might consider acupuncture to relieve some of the pain, stress, and to heal more quickly. I had it done weekly for my severly broken wrist both when it was just splinted and then later after surgery when it was in a cast. I thought it helped immensely. And, acupuncture works even if the direct area is not exposed. Good luck. Jen
I wanted to let you know from my own experience as a mother and a doula, as well as my reading and research, that homeopathy is generally considered safe during pregnancy. It would be fine to take Arnica as a remedy, and it can be amazingly helpful in promoting your body's healing. If you want to consult with an experienced homeopath, I highly recommend Christine Ciavarella in Albany. good luck! Lucia
I tore ligaments in my right knee when I was 6 months pregnant. Ended up a week in a wheelchair, a week on crutches & 3 weeks on a cane. We had travel plans to go to Europe, and I was damned if I would miss the trip. I didn't! What helped the most was accupuncture, once I found an accupuncturist with a positive attitude and a willingness to help me.