Sign Language for Toileting

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Feb 2006

My ''Signing Smart'' book is missing the two signs I need most! We're potty training and I need poo poo and pee pee sign language signs and/or one sign to signify the need to go potty. Thanks, Amy

Make them up!!! You can go back and correct them later. I dont know, why not? anon
Make the letter ''T'' (thumb tucked between index and middle finger, with the tip of the thumb showing)and shake the hand a bit to signify ''potty'' (Toilet) R.K.
Forgive me if your child is delayed in speech for some reason. But, I think if your child is not yet speaking, it's too early to potty train. anon
Check out the American Sign Language Browser: They have the signs you want, under ''bowel movement'' ''urine'' ''pee'' and ''toilet''. katy
To the person who responded to this post saying that if your child isn't speaking it is too early to potty train, I beg to differ. While in this country we tend to wait until 3 years of age, in many other countries around the world potty training begins much earlier. I began potty training my baby at 6 months and now at 9 months all of the poops are on the potty and many of the pees too. It is a matter of being at home (which many parents cannot do for one reason or another) and paying close attention to your baby's signals that he/she needs to poop. I have a regular time several times a day for sitting on the little potty and I play with my baby with toys and after a few minutes there is a poop and sometimes a pee. Now my baby even pushes to get off the potty when finished. Obviously some babies will be easier to do this with than others and I am not placing judgement in regards to whether it is the right thing to do or not, just another option. Happy not to be changing poopy diapers
After spending the weekend with my sister-in-law who signs, I learned the sign for bathroom is the letter t (for toilet), and you shake your hand slightly. jen
To the person who responded that it is too early to teach the signs for poo and pee if your kid cant talk. No its not. signing for these things doesnt mean you are toilet training - its not too early to teach them what these things are so they can be aware. I learned the following for toilet - open hand turns into a fist with the thumb stuck through the first 2 fingers - like you are makign a t. happy signing!