Poop Clean-up

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Cleaning stains from newborn's yellow poops

Oct 2006

Hi - My newborn had jaundice and consequently very yellow poop. Some of her poop- stained clothes are still yellow, despite a few washes with very hot water. Has anyone else experienced this? Were there any remedies? Appreciate any advice.
north berkeley mom

I'm not sure it's bilirubin in the poop. Newborn, breastmilk poop is all yellow and it stains. I use shout and oxyclean and it comes out. I know that's not exactly environmentally friendly, but neither is a completely ruined wardrobe of unusable clothing. I'm sure some hippie mama has a great, non-toxic stain removal solution for you. Stain Warrior
Zout works great. The scent is a little much for us, but it works wonders congrats on the little one!
try drying the clothes in the sun. yes, good old-fashioned cheap sunshine. gets my cloth diapers pristine every time (OK, some stains need more than one sun-drying episode) sun worshipper

How should I clean up poop in the bathtub?

Sept 2006

How should I clean the infant tub if my baby pooped in it? I used bleach the first time and it seemed a bit harsh for baby's skin.
In Case This Happens Again

You know what? Soap is plenty. After cleaning out the poop, pour in a bit of dishsoap, wash it well, rinse it in hot water, and you're good to go. We obsess a bit much about sterility in today's culture. Washing well with soap kills the germs just fine. Karen

Cleaning poop off kid's couch

May 2006

I searched the archives and was surprised no one had written about this...maybe everyone else is smart enough not to let their non-potty-trained kid sit on upholstered furniture! But yes, we had a big poop on my daughter's little foam futon this a.m. Now I'm just wondering how I can clean it effectively. I immediately scooped up the poop and then used wipes to get rid of obvious poop residue, then threw the futon out the back door, where it sits baking in the sun. I don't want to use bleach because it'll bleach! What else could I use to be reasonably assured that the couch isn't harboring bacteria? Or should I just leave it in the sun for a while and assume that's enough? This is new territory for me....

Bac Out works great to clean bodily waste bacteria..... no bleach, smells nice. Stock up, you'll need it for throw up also... LogicalMama
Sounds like you need a cleaner with enzyme. I like Mother's Little Miracle. It can be hard to find, but Rockridge Kids usually has some. Good luck with it --
Oxy-clean is the answer to pretty much every cleaning question in my world. I have used it to get poop off of most things, shoe polish (dried, month-old) out of my new carpet, pureed carrots out of a white dress, coffee stains out of my white sink, etc -Oxy addict
Go to a pet store and buy Nature's Miracle Enzyme (liquid). It's for cleaning up bodily fluids from animals, but it will work for people too. I buy it mostly for the cat, but it helps for our son's accidents.