Peeing in Outdoor Public Spaces

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Is it acceptable for my husband to pee on the golf course?

May 2010

My husband recently took our young son golfing at a public local course. The next day my husband told me he (my husband, not my son) peed on the golf course. I was horrified. I told him that I had never been a mom that allowed public peeing (unless it was an extreme emergency) and that I was now concerned our son would think this was acceptable. My husband said that ''everyone does this'' since they couldn't wait until after the last hole. I said there was no way everyone did this but he stood by his claim. I told him I would ask BPN. it acceptable for a man to pee on golf course??? Seriously?

per my husband - yes happens all the time. even in corporate outings on the course. free2pee

This is normal behavior for most males and a fair number of females, and it is not limited to the golf course. Humans have been pissing outdoors for 99.9999% of the time there have been humans. As long as you are not making a big show of it, who cares? sean

As a business golf author and speaker, I (with humor and subtlety) recommend men not relieve themselves on the course during a business golf round. Of course, some men do, especially if it's an emergency. Perhaps you can let your husband and son know that golf courses have porta-potties as well as bathrooms out on the course at least every nine holes, if not more often. If playing a new course, golfers should ask the golf course staff on which holes bathrooms are located. I'm glad to hear that your son and husband are playing golf--it's a great game! Suzanne