Recipe for Bubble Soap

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Can anyone tell me if you can make good bubble solution using dish detergent and water, and if so what the proportions are (we use concentrated Palmolive detergent). I read somewhere that it was one part of detergent to six of water, but that doesn't seem to work with the detergent we're using. Is there some magic ingredient I'm missing? Hannah

I recall that Dawn' is the best dish detergent to use for bubble solution. Joy being second best. Also if you add a little glycerin to the mixture it strengthens the bubbles.You can get glycerin at the drug store. I don't recall the proportions. Much of this info came from the instructions from a bubble wand (one of those rods with a woven strap used for making gigantic bubbles) so if you look at one of those you might find proportions listed. lynn

I made some this summer and used about 4 parts water to one part dish soap (I think it was JOY) and it worked great. We ended up diluting it even more... so just experiment with it. We got HUGE bubbles. I've heard that adding glycerin helps, but it sure didn't seem necessary. Nancy

This is a great recipe for making giant bubbles.a 1 cup Joy dish detergent (using this brand is key, must have something in it that makes good bubbles), 10 cups water, 4 tablespoons glycerin.a Mix at least 2 hours before use.a You can get the glycerin at the drug store. Pamela

Try this recipe for soap bubbles 1/2 cup Joy or Dawn liquid detergent; 5 cups water and 2 tablespoons glycerine (from the pharmacy; it makes the bubbles stronger). Good luck! Meri has recipes and some interesting information. Edward

I have not tried this, but here it is: BUBBLES Mix 3/4 cup liquid soap 1/4 cup glycerine 2 quarts water (8 cups)

Soap Solution for Blowing Bubbles Try adding few drops of glycerin, you can get then at the pharmacy. Also, for best result, use distilled water. Good luck! YoliRoss