Dog Got Skunked!

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Jan 2003

Our dog recently got skunked for the 2nd time in 5 months. Both times he was in our back yard in the evening. Washing the dog with a special solution recommended by our vet (baking soda, dog shampoo & hydrogen peroxide) made the dog smell better, but the skunk smell is still in our house. Any suggestions on what to do to get rid of it? And should I be concerned that he got skunked twice in such a short time? Could we have a skunk living in our back yard? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Owner of a too-friendly dog

My dog just got skunked last week so I'm ''fresh'' on skunk remedies. The Lindsey museum suggests 1 qt. hydrogen peroxide w/ 1/4 Cup baking soda with 1 tsp dish detergent. This works. V-8 helps but it's the least effective.

AFter doing both above things I went to Pet-Vet and got an enzyme called ''Nature's Miracle, Skunk Odor Remover'''s a natural, non toxic product that cuts the acidity of the skunk chemical.

I drenched my dog with it. When he was dry(you need to let it dry), I shampooed him twice and sprayed him with a coat conditioner that smelled nice. 6 hours later when I was done with all of this he smelled tolerable. A week later when he got wet the smell came back.

There are definately skunks in the area..I've seen and smelled them in my backyard in East Richmond. If you smell skunk around your house a lot you may want to check in brushy areas or under the house. June