Dog Sharing

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We'd like to share our dog with another family

July 2008

We are in need of a family who would like to have a dogbut don't want the expense and trouble of a full time pet. In other words, we would like to share our dog Sadie (medium lab mix, great with children and very gentle) with a loving family when we go on vacation. She can stay at our home or at yours and we will pay all expenses plus a daily fee. Kind of like dog sitting with ownership! We live in Alameda but if you would like to have her at your home we would be happy to come for a visit for you to meet her. please contact me for more info if you are interested. A.

To the person considering dog sharing...DON'T DO IT! My family is suffering the pain and loss of sharing a dog due to the claim by the other family that the dog is now theirs, NOT mine. I've had this lovely dog for over six years in my home and now have to battle trying to get her back. Unless you get some kind of legal statement before you begin, dog sharing is a very bad idea! sad pet owner