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Want to adopt 2 dogs

Nov 2007

We are interested in adopting 2 dogs (2 because we both work full time and don't feel it's fair to leave 1 alone all day). We're looking for guidance and recommendations for: (1) a vet located in/near Alameda, (2) agencies through whom you may have adopted/rescued a dog, and (3) green/health/ecologically appropriate supply sources. Plus anything we haven't thought of yet. Diana

I don't have any vet recommendations but as far as adoption, there are plenty of good rescue groups around here. is a great way to locate rescue groups (and even dogs available through those groups). Some advice on the adoption - make sure the group is willing to help you in the transition process (available for questions, etc.). If you are looking for two dogs I would suggest getting littermates or some other pair that is already together because transition for one dog to a new home can be challenging and to have two that don't know each other can be really stressful for the dogs and people, if not disasterous. If it's not possible to find two that are together already, you may want to get one and then wait a while before getting another. And whether you get one dog or two, expect that there will be a transition. As a dog rescue volunteer for many years I found that many people were not prepared for that part (and consequently dogs are returned). I would h! ighly suggest planning on training for the dog(s) and making sure you provide a home with very clear and consistent rules (and of course lots of love!) to make that transition easier. I don't know of any natural pet stores near ALameda but Alpha Pet in Albany is amazing, natural-oriented and staff is really knowledgeable. As far as supplies, the rescue group should be able to help you with what that particular dog likes and/or needs. They may suggest getting a crate for sleeping/human absences but again, not all dogs need/want it - depends on teh dog. Good luck! thanks for supporting dog rescue!

We fostered several dogs and then adopted one from Smiley Dog Rescue ( They are a really great group, and because the rescued dogs are fostered in people's homes while they are waiting to be adopted, you can talk to the fostering families at the adoption events and really get a better sense of the dog's personality and temperment. I think this really helps ensure a good match. dog lover