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Tubal ligation during C-section for 2nd child?

Dec 2008

Hello! I'm having my second child by c-section in February and thinking of having a tubal ligation at the same time. Any thoughts out there? Pros/cons? Thanks! Tracy

I had a tubal ligation after my second child. It is easiest to arrange before delivery. They asked me about 3 times before surgery if it was really what I wanted to do. After birth, apparently the uterus is much closer to the surface of the abdomen and it is easier to perform the surgery. I had the surgery the next morning after the birth, while I was still at Alta Bates. It went fine and only left a small lateral scar below the bikini line. I felt much relieved and if anything, improved my sex life. It should be regarded as non-reversible, so just be sure that is what you want. happy mom
I had a tubal ligation after my second c-section and am thrilled that I had the opportunity to have the procedure, especially now that I'm hearing more of my girlfriends argue with their husbands about getting vasectomies. I've been sitting here trying to think of one con about the tubal, and the only one I could come up with is that it is a permanent procedure (which to me is a pro...I NEVER want to be pregnant again!). So just make sure that you're comfortable not having any more children. If you are sure, take this opportunity...both my husband and I are so glad that we never have to worry about birth control. Sterile Sue
Definitely have the tubal ligation at the same time. But, be very careful about which hospital you choose. Most Catholic hospitals refuse to do a tubal ligation at the same time (or ever, in many cases). Safe and cost-effective
I had a scheduled c-section and signed the paperwork for my tubal around 28 weeks -- I was so thrilled to get it done! Blessed with two kids and a very complicated last pregnancy made it clear that I was done having kids. Easy recovery from c- section (the scheduled part was lovely!). And now that my period has returned it is really incredible to finally not be thinking about birth control. Go for it! good luck
As a mom of three, the tubal ligation has been the best thing for me. My spouse and I have no worries! And I didn't really experience any side effects other than gain some weight which is now coming off with a lot of exercise. Good luck! anon
As a nursing student, I was recently at LPCH and observed several c/s. During which nearly all of the women chose to have a tubal ligation. If it is something you want done, this is the best time to do it! it is quick, painless and done all at the same time. But, as I am sure you know, you must sign all the paperwork in advance (there's a specific time frame) but that you can decline at any time. Good luck anon
I did the same thing. It took a few extra minutes before they closed me up. No big deal-I don't even remember it. BUT, a year later, I had a 60 day period and when I called my ob, she had me take a pregnancy test. I wasn't -- but after that I had a test to make sure the tubes were, in fact, closed. Insurance paid for it. It was a little uncomfortable with dye shot up there and x-rays taken but well worth our piece of mind. And boy was my husband happy to avoid the knife. Cath
I had a tubal ligation when I had my 2nd child via c-section last year and it could not have been easier. Since they have you open down there it doesn't hurt and is so easy. I told my OB that I wanted this and she had me sign paperwork. My husband had offered to get snipped but this was much easier on my end since I knew I would be ''open'' down there anyway. We knew we were done and I have not had to take any birth control or use condoms since. We are happy with this decision and insurance covers it anyway. good luck with everything. Finished at 2 kids
i had something which does the same as tubal ligation, blocks your fallopian tubes. it's called essure and they insert stents (without incisions, goes through your cervix, so you do need anesthesia) into the tubes which then grow around it. you do need a test where they put dye into your uterus and then see if it gets through, about 3 months later, and the biggest hassle there was that the insurance kept billing it as a fertility procedure (which is not covered much at all!!). they did finally cover it as part of the sterilization procedure it is. the test can be painful for some, wasn't for me (took tylenol ahead of time), i gather that is luck of the draw. but no incisions....and i'm very happy with it. anon

Considering having my tubes tied

January 2003

Hi all: I'm considering having my tubes tied for birth control purposes. I'm almost 48 and do not want any more children (I have 2, that's plenty! :-). It seems that this could be a permanent solution, and that I would no longer have to worry about birth control, no muss, no fuss, no worrying about what hormones or an IUD might be doing to me...what a concept!. Anybody have any pros, cons, advice - experiences, risks of the procdure, etc.

I'm thinking of tubal ligation after having my second baby. I just wonder if other people have any bad experience after having tubal ligation? Like hormonal change, mens. disturbance, hairy skin.......
I had a tubal ligation when I was 36. There were zero complications. I was told it was much easier to have the proceedure done shortly after giving birth as the tubes are closer to the surface (or something like that.) In any case that is what I did. Physically, my body continued to function completly normally, that was very nice. Okay, here was the mental side: my big fantasy during sex had always been that I was going to get pregnant--even when it was the last thing in the world I really wanted. Before I had the tubal ligation I was worried that sex wouldn't be as exciting if there was zero possibilty of getting pregnant. It turns out the tubal ligation had zero effect on my fantasy. That was VERY nice. I am not going to sign this one because at the time I made my husband swear he would never tell anyone I had a tubal ligation. It must have been part of my fantasy life. In any case, he lived up to his word.
After 2 kids and 10yrs using the IUD, I decided to have a Tubal Ligation when I was 48 YO. It was a good decision, no stress, no mess. The surgical procedure was simple and left a small scar. I am now 60 yo and never regreted the decision.
Vasectomy is a lot less invasive than tubal ligation--you might want to explore that option if you've one partner. Good luck -- Husband to be snipped next month
I had tubal ligation surgery at Alta Bates about 6 weeks after my second baby was born in November 2001. My family was concerned because of my age at the time (28) but I felt very comfortable with my decision. I did a lot of research at the Public Health library, on-line and even spoke to a psychologist before making my decision. Apparently, the women who are the most satisfied with the surgery have 2 or more children,have at least one child of each gender, and are over age 40. Obviously, each situation is unique, but in my case, I had two very difficult pregnancies (complete bed rest for 5 months each)and I had the support of my gynecologist. Our HMO (Health Net through UCB) paid for the surgery without a problem, and it is usually an outpatient surgery. I feel blessed to have a wonderful daughter and son, and I know in my heart that I do not want more children. I could not imagine 25+ more years of hormone pills, shots, creams and patches to prevent another pregnancy. The surgery scar is so tiny that I have to search deep inside of my belly button for a pinhead sized mark. Since the surgery, my periods are lighter and shorter, I have lost over 30 lbs, I no longer have synthetic estrogen produced mood swings,and my husband and I have a wonderful sex life because we no longer have to worry about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.
I am 44 and had a tubal ligation after the birth of my second child. It is easiest to do right after a birth because the ovaries are close to the surface. I had to sign paper work a few weeks before the delivery. They operated the next morning after the delivery. It was about a 3in. tranverse incision just above the pubis. They used an epidural but also knocked me out with some kind of drip on my request. I spent a couple hours in recovery until I could feel my legs again. It healed nicely and I haven't noticed any wierd side effects except what you would expect for a woman of my age, probably entering perimenopause. Periods are still normal though irregular, etc. It was well worth it for the peace of mind.
If you've had all the children you want, I say go for it! I had a tubal ligation about 13 years ago. Recovery took a little longer than I expected, but it was OK. My husband and I call it my ''fun little operation'' because it took all the worry out of birth control. -- Still Having Fun