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Essure for permanent birth control

June 2011

Hi, My family is complete and I am considering Essure for permanent birth control. Wondering what experience people have had with the procedure - Pain? Recovery? Efficacy? Thanks for your feedback. anonymous

I use essure and it has been great (got it about 5 years ago). I had to get up early and it was a nuisance with the anaesthesia, and I was extremely tired that day--I'd planned to go to work but instead was really tired. By 5 pm though, I was up for walking to childcare to get my son, and when he hurt himself, it was no trouble to pick him up and carry him over to a bathroom where I could cheer him up (he was about 30 lbs at the time). I wish I'd done it sooner rather than messing with hormonal birth control (with its cancer risks). There is some advantage to doing it at specific times in your cycle, you might want to ask about that. anon

Essure - general or local anesthetic?

Oct 2010

I posted here recently to inquire about experiences having the Essure procedure, thanks for the responses! I am going to have it done in a few weeks and gather that I will have a choice between general and local anesthetic. Any recommendations about that? One thing for others considering it is that because the doctor wanted my uterine lining to be thinner for the procedure, I'm now for the first time in 20+ years, taking the pill leading up to it and it SUCKS. Total loss of libido, nausea, ugh. The other option was depo provera shot but that sounded worse. Just a heads up. can't wait to be contraceptive free!

i did local anaesthetic, i'd recommend that. i'm under the impression that general anaesthesia is much harder on your system. i was very tired later that day, but nothing much worse. anon
I'm one of the persons who responded to your previous post. My doctor didn't give me a choice, and gave me general anesthetic. She said it was a lot easier and painless that way. It was great! I had no nausea or any other symptoms when I woke up, and it just seemed like I blinked, and next thing I knew, I was done! Best thing ever. Happy Essure-er
I love Essure. I had mine a little over a year ago at age 48. My gyno wanted me to go on the pill to prepare, but I absolutely hate the way I feel when I'm on any sort of hormones, so I told her my husband and I would use condoms. I took her concerns very seriously but I refused to use hormonal contraception.

My husband and I were very very careful with condom use and everything was fine -- I didn't get pregnant and it all worked out great.

Regarding anesthesia, I am the biggest wimp you will ever meet and even I was perfectly satisfied with the vicodin/motrin and local anesthesia they used on me. In my opinion general anesthesia is not at all needed for this procedure. Just my experience ... Lisa in Oakland

Recent experiences with Essure?

Sept 2010

There are a few posts from 2007 and 2008 about the Essure procedure vs tubal ligation. Wondering if there are any more stories out there and other negatives to consider. I'm an older mom and not planning for more children other than nieces and nephews. Had been considering iud, but some of the side effects are scaring me off (including the Mirena and NOT getting a period). Husband not going for the vasectomy

The side effects from Essure and the possible complications freaked me out enough. I went to the Kaiser class on 'permanent birth control'. I opted for none. I am 47 w/ 4 kids... the youngest is 18 months. What is your hubby's beef with the big V? My husband has had 2 w/ no complaints. I looked into the Essure and tubal ligation because he is hesitant to have a 3rd. The possible after effects of the two female procedures sufficiently freaked me out. choosing other methods
I had the Essure procedure a year ago (Aug. 2009) and I am 100% satisfied and happy about the experience. I can't recommend it enough. It is a FANTASTIC method of sterilization. I had it at age 47 after having one child. I had it at Kaiser Oakland, in a simple office visit (with another followup visit a couple of months later to check that it ''took''). No hospital stays, no incision, just a $30 copay for each visit. Since I'm queasy and sensitive to pain and discomfort, I was a bit scared that it might hurt. But it never hurt at all. They did give me Vicodin and Motrin for that just in case. I am a huge, huge fan of Essure and I hope you will consider it! Lisa
I had the 2-part procedure done in December, with the follow-up ultra sound several months later. It was not quite as painless as I'd hoped for but I was fine to drive home. I highly recommend Dr. Yvette Gentry in Oakland. She is very experienced with the procedure.

I felt like my periods have been Extremely painful afterwards but can't for sure blame the procedure. If your insurance covers this it sure beats a tubal ligation. I have not experienced any side effects and am so glad to have gotten rid of my copper IUD! Good luck with your decision. Suzanne

I opted for Essure 2 years ago, and I couldn't be happier. It's been one of the best decissions I've ever made. It was quick and painless, literally. I had a bit of cramping after the procedure, but I think I've had worse period- cramps in my life. This was nothing. The one thing I do recommend is to take it easy for the first couple of days. I was feeling so well, that I ate a ton (it was Thanksgiving weekend!), and resumed my regular life, and by the 2nd day, I was very bloated and uncomfortable. Nothing unbearable, but I think I could have avoided it. The follow-up x-ray also causes some moderate cramping during the procedure, so be prepared for it (I wasn't). I hope that this is helpful. Good luck!! Love the Essure