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    I have an adult (36 year old) sister with a developmental disability. She will probably be moving to Northern California later this year so that my husband and I can begin to take more responsibility for her care as my parents age. She lives independently, drives, and has worked at entry-level jobs in the past, although she is not working now. Caring for my sister presents a daunting-- but unavoidable-- challenge for my immediate family. Does anyone out there have experience caring for an disabled adult in that in-between zone (IQ of 80)? Can you tell me about your experiences-- with housing, employment, social services? What has been the impact on your amily and how do you maintain appropriate boundaries? What should I be asking myself as I plan for this change in relationship? Are there web-based or other local community support resources that I should be aware of? Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
    Someone wanted to know about resources for a sister with a developmental disability who was coming to live here in the Bay Area. I wanted to pass along something that is important for this person to know. If the sister has a diagnosis of a developmental disability (onset prior to age 18) she will be eligible for services through the Regional Center of the East Bay. The person should call RCEB at 510-383-1200 to get information and learn about the many services available through the Regional Center. Thanks. Barbara (June 2002)
    The West County Older Adults Clinic (510) 3743629 has a very good support group for children of aging parents. The social worker provides information and guidance on where to go to get legal advice when dealing with elderly parents. I attended the support group for two sessions and from my experience I can tell you that there is not much you can do about the situation unless you can convince a judge that your father is incompetent. They helped me discover that there is only so much I could do. (April 1999)
    Through the Looking Glass (848-1112) and the Center for Independent Living (841-4776) are excellent resources in Berkeley. TLG is specifically for parents with disabilities. CIL has a broader reach. As you may know, Berkeley is a national center for outreach and support for disabled people. Good luck, and I think you are doing a wonderful thing. (April 1999)