Painful Breastfeeding

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Nervous about breastfeeding pain with second child

March 1999

I'm expecting my second child and would like to breastfeed again. I had my first child ten years ago. I breastfed him for over a year but it was very painful. I had intense breast infections, specially in the first six weeks. The only reason I stuck with it, was because I knew how important that was for the baby's health and mother-child bonding. Books about this subject seemed useless. I am very nervous about how it is going to be this time. Has anyone had a bad experience with it? What could I do to prevent the pain, or at least the infection? Is there any kind of support, nurse or expert that can come to our house and help us deal with it? I would appreciate very much any input. Thanks.

I have no connection with either company that manufactures these little guys, but they work so well, I thought other mothers would want to know!

Here's a tip for newly nursing or soon-to-be nursing mothers: I want to recommend glycerin breast pads for easing or preventing nipple agonies.

After my new baby was a few days old and we were having a lot of nursing problems, a lactation consultant recommended these pads for my mangled nipples. There are two brands, Soothies and Comfort Ease. You wear them at all times other than when nursing or in the shower. When doing those things, you put them back on their little plastic sheets. They last for approximately a week. With these little guys, my bloodied nipples were healed in less than 24 hours. They are cool and soothing to wear, and they keep your nipples from drying out (without moisture themselves). I tried Lansinoh, but it was very uncomfortable and didn't work. Tiny Tots carries them, as does Cotton and Company. Although I was unable to use them before I was already injured, I believe they'd work miraculously to prevent nipple injuries. Hope some of you find this helpful! Laurel