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  • La Leche League
    From: Sophie (2/99)

    1) For mothers who are tandem nursing (differing ages) or expecting to: To subscribe go to:

    2) Pregnancy Attachment Parenting List: mailto:pgap-request AT Put subscribe in the body of the message.

    From: Ann (3/99)

    There have been a lot of questions lately on breastfeeding and pumping. I am just stopping both after a year. When I was having problems, I found the women on a breastfeeding list to be very helpful and supportive, so I thought Id pass it on. ( I originally got the info from this UCB parents list, and a special thanks to Anne Stinson, who called me directly to help me sign up). There is also a pump list for pumping moms you can access in the same way. (they are much more chatty though) Be sure to subscribe to teh digest version, or you will get a lot of emails every day. The info, as it appears on teh bottom of my recent digest, is: Subscription info at or send a msg to majordomo AT saying info bfing Sponsored by Pregnancy Today at

    From: Ann (2/99)

    To the person who had the breastfeeding question, could I recommend she also check another site? I think there are tons of places to get info as well as get into chat rooms about breastfeeding -- I bet she'd find what she needed there.

    From: Anne (8/98)

    There are three newsgroups useful for nursing mothers:


    I just wanted to share with all the other parents out there as I found the above groups to be a tremendous resource and help to me during my first pregnancy and my subsequent nursing experience. Often times used breast pumps are offered for sale. I noticed that frequently on the List there are requests for used pumps and other nursing-related information, and thought that if the above groups were posted on the website, many more parents would have the benefits that I enjoyed.