How to get rid of pop-up ads

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    Sept 2008

    We need someone who is pretty knowledgeable about ''cleaning up'' and removing those annoying pop ups that slow down the computer and annoy the heck out of us when we are trying to work on-line. Please contact us to discuss availability/rates etc at 415 507 1830. We are in San Rafael. Thank You

    One easy and free way to block pop-ups is to install the Google Toolbar, which has a built-in pop-up blocker ( I've had it for a few years now and it's great. I'm sure there are other free or low-cost blocker tools out there as well. Pop-Up Free
    April 2003

    We just got a new computer and are getting these pop-up adds that look like computer warnings (plain gray text adds). They are SO annoying, are sometimes stacked ten on top of eachother and pop-up over everything (like when I am working on a word document or watching a DVD). Does anyone know how to get rid of these things?! Much thanks, Courtney

    The easiest way to get rid of pop-up ads is to use something besides Microsoft Internet Explorer. Mozilla ( and Opera ( are both free to download and use and both include settings to suppress those annoying pop-up ads. Note that Opera's free version contains ads.

    If you must use Internet Explorer, then see for some instructions on how to restrict pop-ups. It seems like quite a bit of work. Or try programs like the free Pop-Up Stopper ( or similar software products. Michael

    I recently stated using the software from to block pop up ads. It works very well against those dang ads and also deletes unwanted cookies, which can link you to advertisers. A free 30 day trial is available from the adsubtract website. About ten days into my free trial, the adsubtract software offered a $15 buy now deal, which I took, as opposed to the $30 website price. Good luck. Adam
    To get rid of pop-up ads, there is a free download of a tool called It is fantastic! here's the link: Hilary