Christmas Wreaths, Garlands & Greenery

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Where to buy holiday garland?

November 2006

During Christmas time, I always think it looks nice when people have garland with lights hanging around their front door. My questions are: Should you use real or fake garland? How are people hanging this around the door -- are they actually nailing it to the door frame? Where do you buy this garland? If I buy the artifical kind, I'd like to get something that looks pretty real. But everything I've been seeing looks pretty darn fake.
Holiday Decorating Newbie

i have these ones sent as gifts and they are fantastic - handmade at a family farm in washington state. fair prices too. anon

To support the Family House at Children's Hospital Oakland, the local high school girls' auxilary called the Bud Branch is selling Northwest evergreens, including 15 foot cedar garlands and evergreen wreaths. They do have some that are not yet spoken for, so email me and I can connect your request with them. Louise

Inexpensive holiday wreaths & greenery

November 1999

I'm determined to decorate our house for the holidays this year, and am looking for recommendations for a place to buy inexpensive holiday wreaths, greenery, Christmas trees, etc. (stores such as Smith and Hawken have beautiful things, but are too pricey for my budget.) There were a few suggestions in last year's newsletters, but I'd love to hear more. Thanks -- and happy holidays!

Find a Boy Scout for holiday greenery. There are troops in the area that sell handmade wreaths every year at holiday time. If you don't mind their politics about including gays, this is a nice way to buy a wreath and support a youth organization.

Costco has some beautiful (fake) wreaths and such.

Contact Petti Thall @ The Enchanted Forest. She makes fabulous holiday wreaths and crafts. They have two holiday boutiques every year where she has all of her wares on display. The next boutique will be held in Alamo on 11/19 and 11/20. You can call her at (925) 687-1815 for details. Tell her Rhea sent you

For the past two years a group of folks have been selling gorgeous wreaths on the sidewalks around the fourth Street shopping district inBerkeley, nears Peet's coffee for the several weeks before Christmas. They sell for around $15.00 for a small/medium wreath and somewhat more for a big one. They're beautifully made with natural materials and flowers.

The Flower Outlet in Emeryville sells several kinds of evergreen garlands by the foot, and there are many other beautiful holiday flowers and plants there. A great place to visit anytime of the year! Address: 5758 Shellmound St. .