Reducing Holiday Stress

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We are looking for a speaker for my daughter's preschool who can address managing holiday stress. Can you recommend anyone? Thanks, Ann

You asked for a speaker to come to your preschool on the issue of holiday stress. While I don't have a person to recommend, you might consider sending for the Leaders Guide to the Unplug the Christmas Machine Workshop. These workshops have been held in both Christian and secular contexts, and are based on the excellent book by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli, Unplug the Christmas Machine a complete guide to putting love and joy back into the season. I believe there may be workshop leaders available through an organization called Alternatives, which has a Slow Down Network of speakers on the topic of voluntary simplicity. The website, which has many suggestions for alternatives to a consumeristic holiday, as well as particulars on how to reduce stress at the holidays, is at http// . Natasha