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Passover holiday for nanny?>

March 2007

We have a Jewish nanny - who gets all Jewish Holidays and Christian Holidays (i.e. Christmas) off paid. Passover is around the corner and what days does one typically take off for this holiday? I noticed in my Outlook calendar that the holidays start on April 2nd and go thru April 10th. I am not Jewish which is why I am asking what folks typically take off - is it the entire week?? Thanks!

No, one does not take the entire week of passover off. The first two and last two days (so this year, April 3, 4, 9, 10) are considered religious holidays when work is not supposed to be done. An observant Jew would not work on those days. Many American Jews, however, would work during the day and go to a seder in the evening (for the first two nights). I would ask her what her practice is. Sarah

Kids in Jewish Day Schools have that whole week off (as do the teachers and staff). Most reform adn conservative Jews will take just that Monday and maybe Tuesday off. All other schools have Easter week off, so I guess it would make sense for some people to take teh whole of Passover week off. I know this doesn't really answer your question but it's some info. anon

No no, hon, most people take off just the first 2 nights unless they are Orthodox. But I mean, she should be able to tell you this information. Chewey Jewey

Passover celebrations (meals called Saders)take place the first two evenings of Passover. This usually requires taking two days off of work, or simply working a short day in order to participate in the Sader. I believe April 2 and April 3 are those days this year. anon