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Work Party for the Family

My office has a children's holiday party every year where office members bring their children and invite friends and family to show up. We always have a Santa who gives out parent-provided gifts for each child and then we have some sort of entertainment (clown, etc.) besides. However, the younger generation of children has been shrinking and we are now wanting to have games and activities that might appeal to a wider age range. Does anyone have suggestions for holiday-related activities (perhaps more interactive to appeal to older children) that would appeal to an intergenerational crowd of around 50 people. We will still have a Santa for the younger kids and we usually sing caroles.

From: Dianna (10/98)

At the EECS Christmas party we used to have a DJ come in and have dance contests with different categories (twist, Cajun, etc.), which most of the kids (even the small ones) liked. In fact my son won the twist contest when he was 5, more for sheer enthusiasm than for technique, I believe. We also had a limbo contest one time that went over well, with the smaller children having an obvious advantage.