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What to do about heavy sweating?

June 2013

Hi - can anyone recommend what to do about heavy sweating? I take fitness classes regularly and sweat heavily - mostly from my head. I can barely get through a class warm-up and I'm already sweating. By the time class is over I'm soaked and dripping wet. Also starting to sweat a lot when I sleep, although that could just be my age (I'm 39). Has anyone used Botox -or another remedy - to help with excessive sweating? Any homeopathic ideas? Advice greatly appreciated - thanks! anon

I, too, am a heavy sweater, and work in a job where people are looking at me (teacher) all day, so it can be quite unpleasant. I have not tried botox, but two things have helped.

First, prescription strength 'antiperspirant' from my doctor. You put it on at night, and then wash it off in the morning. I did have some problems figuring out the dosage, because using it every night ended up making me really itchy under the arms. I now do it every few days, or the night before a big presentation. In your post, you said the sweating is mostly from your head, so I'm not sure if the prescription antiperspirant would work for that.

The second thing I tried, which was the most immediately effective, was that I stopped drinking coffee. I still drink one cup of tea most mornings, but have found that removing coffee from my diet really changed my sweating issue. It's worth a try. I still enjoy coffee on the weekends, but have cut way back--especially on days I'm in front of a crowd. Good luck! Sweaty Sister

Sweaty Feet - Can't Wear Flats??!!

July 2012

So, my hands and feet tend to be cold/clammy. Not always, but often enough. No problem if I wear tennis shoes, or clogs or 'bigger' shoes that look good with socks - the socks absorb the moisture. Also no problem if I wear open-toed sandals so moisture evaporates.

But I'm having trouble with the in-between. Closed-toed flats. I currently have NONE and feel so limited in my shoe choices, especially in our not-always-appropriately-sandal-weather summers. I want some cute/comfy flats or MaryJane type shoes, but two problems. First, I feel like they look super dorky with socks. I can't figure out any socks that wouldn't look lame. I've tried & always feel frumpier than usual. Without socks, sweat builds up & the shoes feel icky, slippery and I don't like wearing them.

Once or twice I tried those teeny little socks that aren't supposed to show in flats. They slipped around/slipped off. So they were uncomfortable and did not even come close to solving the problem. Threw them away.

I always see women wearing flats without socks & wonder how they do it. I imagine most of them don't have sweaty feet problems? Any suggestions or ideas great appreciated ... Sadly Sweaty Feet

Hi - I have the same problem. Aldo makes a liner/insert for flats - about 8 dollars a pair, I think. I slip them in, and after a little while take them out and hand wash them. This helps keep the odor down without having the sock look. Also gives you a smidge more cushion in some of those very flat flats! Fresh Feet
Dear Sweaty Feet, I feel your pain! I have sweaty feet and have the same problem. I finally found a couple of flats that I can wear without socks. Gentle Souls brand by Kenneth Cole has a leather/flaxseed sole that breathes really well. I can wear them without feeling icky AND they do not get stinky either. My favorite style is Gabby because it is so comfortable. The only downside is that the sole is partly made of leather, so I can't wear them on rainy days. So, for rainy/foggy/drizzly days, I wear some flats from Beautifeel since they have rubber soles. You can find Beautifeel at Crosswalk Shoes on Fillmore in San Francisco. Both brands are expensive, but it is really, really nice to be able to wear flats without socks or sockliners. Sweaty Feet Too
A shoe store clerk once gave me this advice, which I pass on to you: wrap the socks that you buy to wear with flats around the insert inside of the shoe. This way, the socks will absorb the sweat and not slip around! You can purchase inserts separately if the shoes don't come with them. Good luck. No more sweaty stinky flats
I finally found little ped nylons/socks that work for me in my flats. I went to at least 5 stores to find some that work. They are the Payless ''minicci'' nylon socks. Be sure to get the ultralow version. Otherwise they show. These are sturdy and stay on. finally found some that work for me.
I feel you sister! First, try finding good mini-socks that will stay on your feet. I found some good ones at Target that have a sticky thing on the heel that helps it stay in place. Second, try this awesome stuff found on called ''Sweat Block''. It's a moist toilette thing that you rub all over your face, underarms, feet, etc. weekly and boy does it keep the sweat away! Try both those things & good luck! a sweaty sister
Hi There- Go to your doc and request a prescription for drysol. It is an antiperspirant that is indicated for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). You can apply it to the soles of your feet the day you want to wear your flats and that should do the trick. I know that's not a ''Berkeley'' answer--no, it is not at all natural, but it is not harmful. Derm PA
I have the same problem and despise those little ''no show socks''. I've used these Kiwi brand Fresh'Ins for years. They're disposable inserts that you can cut to size, and they last a long time, so I don't feel too guilty about using them. You can get them on Amazon. fellow sweaty footer
I had a similar issue in the past but what I found is that wearing either knee height stockings - the cheap drugstore kind works. If you need it with a skirt ''invest'' in a few kinds of Liner types like the Hue Perfectly Bare Slingback Liner or I think I bought a few in a nicer department store. Anon

I've always been a heavy sweater

June 2012

I've been plagued by this problem my entire adulthood - hoping others can chime in on solutions, treatments, remedies.

I am a heavy sweater.

I'm athletic and enjoy getting a good sweat on. But I have wet underarms ALL.THE.TIME: in stressful situations (interviews, presentations, etc) but also in totally un- stressful social situations where I am complemely at ease, regardless of weather temp. I know I can't be alone in this and am hoping to get some help with:

1.) Products that might reduce/eliminate my excessive underarm sweating (I tried using a product a few years ago that really helped but somehow transferred by sweating to my back, hands...kinda of bizarre/worrisome).

2.) Products to protect my shirts or get out underarm stains. I can't begin to share how many shirts I've had to toss over the years. White t-shirts are just not part of my wardrobe (but want them to be!) HELP! Wet Pits

I was a heavy sweater (arm pits, hands, feet) all during high school and part of college-and so was my mom, so it was genetic in some way and psychological in others. I definitely experienced more wetness when I was in front of others or stressed about something. And I also think it's psychological because I was never sweating at home or when sleeping. At school I dressed like a tomboy because I had to wear two shirts, and change the under shirt during the day. My mom bought dress liners for the arm pits at the fabric store, and this helped somewhat, but I couldn't wear fabrics that didn't dry quickly and showed wetness, silk, etc. My mom sympathized with me, but she always told me I would overcome it as I got older (like she did). I was truly fed up at about 17 years old, thinking I'd have to live with this forever. We went to the doctor and she told me I could get Botox shots to stop the wetness, but we decided it wasn't that bad, so she prescribed topical Drysol (which is now sold over the counter). This made a big difference, it helped with the physical symptoms a great deal, but most importantly, it allowed me to start to forget about it during the day. My mental state stopped being stressed about it and I believe that is what ultimately stopped the symptoms. I didn't need to use the Drysol after age 19. The reason I know my symptoms were psychological is because I had a relapse when I was about 23, when I experienced a new type of social situation. At this time, the wetness was concentrated in my groin-since I started using the Drysol in my underarms. I started to freak out and then remembered that I had control over this, I needed to relax, use breathing exercises and not start the sweating cycle again. It lasted about 3 months and then stopped and I haven't had to worry about it since (10 years on). Of course I sweat when I'm in a client meeting, but never as bad as it was. I also bought clothes that didn't show sweat, kind of like exercise jerseys in black. BCBG has some nice nylon jersey dresses and tops that wick away sweat. Good luck, I feel your pain and believe you can conquer this too.
I haven't done it myself, but I've read many places that botox shots really help. (Ask your doctor! as the commercials say) Good luck
Certain Dri. It's a roll on that you put on sparingly at night. It worked wonders for me! anon
I share your problem, and so am hoping to get more good ideas, but wanted to mention Certain Dri as the best antiperspirant I've found. It's not perfect, but it does seem to help quite a bit. Sweaty
I was just reading an article in a doctor's waiting room yesterday about a young woman with a debilitating sweating problem. I don't know if your case is that severe but it was reporting a somewhat minor surgery she had to get, that was successful. The surgery was to make her sweat glands less receptive or something like that (sorry, I can't totally remember)! Basically it was a neurological issue (I think!) where her nerves were overstimulating her glands. Might be something to ask your doctor about... good luck. anon
As a teenager and 20-something, I had the same problem. I could not wear any white shirts because within weeks they would have yellow stains in the armpit area. My doctor gave me a topical medicine to apply - basically a prescription-strength antipersperant, and it immediately caused intense itching, so that was the end of that. However, in my mid-twenties I completely gave up caffeine and guess what? No more sweating. So if you consume caffeine in any form, you might want to quit for a while and see what happens. Rachael

Severe sweating at 50

Sept 2011

I'm 50 and 1/2, still getting my period like clockwork, regularly told that I look younger, almost no grey hair, no hot flashes. However, I have started sweating much more recently. Can anyone recommend a strong deoderant or other treatment that could ameliorate this ? I'm averse to taking prescription meds for this, if possible. I also never drink liquor, take no drugs, and have a diet that most Bay Area foodies would consider reasonably respectable. But why am I sweating so much and what can be done to minimize it ? Just this one problem, fortunately.

Sounds like perimenopause. You are the right age for it. Not everybody has the same symptoms, and you can still be getting your periods while your hormones are fluctuating during perimenopause. This hormone fluctuation interferes with the body's ability to regulate temperature, which results in various unpleasant things like sweating and hot flashes. See your Ob Gyn.
It is probably nothing but I thought I should let you know that when this happened to my dad it turned out he had lymphoma. Get some bloodwork done? anon
Have your dr prescribe Drysol. It is a liquid antiperspirant that works wonders. It totally saved me in high school and I've never had a problem since. It's so strong in fact that I remember not even using it every day. I was able to switch back to a normal deodorant/antiperspirant before even finishing the bottle. Anon
I had a similar sweating problem at night only. Went on for maybe 9 months. Changed my bedding just to try lighter covers etc and that helped. But in hindsight I believe I was entering peri-menopause. Has anyone else experienced night sweats that lasted 6-9 months at the onset of peri-menopause? no longer waking in the night drenched
I had severe sweating in my underarms from 9th grade until 12th grade. I attributed it to hormonal shifts, anxiety and genetics (my mom had it too in adolescence). The sweating would cause me anxiety and the anxiety would make me sweat more! I struggled for years until my doctor prescribed Drysol. I know it is now available without a prescription at the pharmacy. It is pretty uncomfortable because it tingles like crazy when you put it on at night, but it works!! I would have gone through surgery to fix the problem, but I didn't need to do anything else. I know that if you are sweating really badly and Drysol doesn't work you can go to a dermatologist and they can inject something in your armpits to help. I forget what it is, but this is for extreme cases. You should probably see a doctor anyway just to rule out other issues.
I didn't see this original post but from a response I read it seems the poster was suffering from severe nights sweats. ''Drenching night sweats'' is a classic sign of some forms of lymphomas. See and Of course it could just be perimenopausal symptoms also. Probably worth seeing a dr. if it persists more than a couple of months. sean

Embarrassing sweaty crotch after workouts

Oct 2010

So, this is pretty embarrassing: I seem to sweat a lot more in the groin area than anywhere else, and it is really stinky. Not the area itself, from what I can tell, but my underwear and the crotch area of my workout pants smell really bad - not like BO, but like the smell in our attic when we found a dead rat there. I've bleached them and used Oxyclean, and they always smell fresh when I put them on (and I only wear them once between washings), but after I work out, they absolutely reek. I worry that people at the gym can smell me! Help! stinky girl

Try wearing cotton panties and cotton sweats. anon
Yikes! That sounds really inhibiting! Have you talked to your OB/Gyn about it? I wonder if you could be having some sort of gland discharge that seems like sweat? Sarah
Me too! I wear pure cotton underwear, pure cotton workout pants, and I wear a panty liner when working out at the gym. And I wash really thoroughly before doing all of the above. All these things have helped combat that pretty disgusting smell - you know it's really bad when you gross yourself out!! My empathies and sympathies!! **
I've noticed the same thing. I use baking soda around my groin area and try to change my underwear regularly. Also, hair holds odor--I haven't gotten my courage up for a bikini wax yet but am thinking about it. Ouch! -I feel your pain
I have the same problem. I always sweat a lot but in the last 4 years it has gotten worse. I gained a lot a weight when I was pregnant and after having my daughter (So that means more skin friction which equals sweat). I always notice the smell more when I go to the bathroom or get undressed.

What I noticed is that when you have your clothes on, no one else smells you but you. It's you being critical of yourself. I have asked friends, co-workers & husband (without telling them why) if they smell something funny when we are close; and they all say no. If you are working out, after the workout change your pants and underwear and a little powder helps too. If you are on the heavy size, try losing some weight and see what happens. If it persists ask your doctor. I hope this helps. From one stinky girl to another

Hi, I would try washing them first with vinegar. rinse... then bicarbonate and peroxide (it might bleach them but it kills the bacteria that produces the bad smell) L
I am glad you posted this because I have had a similar issue and it isn't easy being funky! I am also a sweaty person, run warm and am generally moist. I also am not the kind of girl whose thighs don't there is friction and heat that builds up, especially during any kind of exercise. But like you said, it isn't just normal BO.

I have treated my symptoms with pretty good results. I also wash with Oxyclean after each time I wear my yoga pants. I think it is a bacterial growth that thrives in the heat and sweat of the folds of the outer labia, especially between the thighs and vulva. It is not an internal bacterial growth like Vaginitis that is treated with an inserted creme...but it might be a similar thing. I have never had any labs. But I did ask my sister who is a doctor and she said wear cotton panties and wash with anti-bacterial soap.

I wash with natural anti-bacterial soaps that contain Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) or Tea Tree Oil, making sure to scrub the high inner thigh area. After thoroughly drying, I apply an alcohol based natural deodorant. I'm careful not to get either the soap or alcohol inside the labia, but concentrate on the outer folds where sweat can build up. I have found that removing hair also helps. Sometimes I shave, but I have found that those nasty Neet type cremes do something to kill the bacterial growth as well as dissolve hair. I know it sounds kind of chemically and gross, but I have found that the funk usually stays away for weeks at a time if I use the bikini hair removal creme. But do not use the alcohol after shaving or using the will burn very badly! I know these remedies sound harsh, but they have worked for me. I am mostly not stinky anymore! Rubber Rose

Certain kinds of fabric, especially workout fabrics, just hit their limit after a while and get permanently stinky. They smell fine coming out of the dryer, but after 15 minutes of wear they're just rank. No amount of repeat washing seems to change that So my guess is that it's not you, it's your workout clothes. Try getting some new ones -- maybe some new undies too -- and see if that helps. Stinky no more
I may have the answer to your problem- I just found out that a sweaty smelly itchiness I've had for awhile under my breasts and in the folds at the top of my thighs is a skin fungus. The smell, as you said, is not normal BO, and it can get very nasty. My doctor told me to use Lamisal cream twice a day for a couple of weeks, she said that should take care of it. I'm just on day 4, so don't yet know if it's going to work but I sure hope so! anon

8 months postpartum - still having night sweats

June 2006

I'm 8 months post-partum and still having severe nightsweats. While I'm still breastfeeding, my breastfeeding friends say their nightsweats disappeared months ago. I can sleep with the windows open in nothing but a tank top and still wake up drenched. Not only does it disrupt my sleep, but I think my husband is having a hard time sleeping in my required arctic temperatures. My hormone levels and thyroid have all tested normal. My doctor recommended Black Cohosh, but it hasn't done much to help. Has anyone else experienced this? Did it ever end? Did you ever find the cause? Did anything help alleviate the problem? sweaty sister

I had the same problem weekly for 2 years postpartum. Acupuncture with Maureen Raytis in Oakland/Lake Merritt fixed it. Good Luck!

Postpartum night sweats

Feb 2005

This is a little embarrassing, but after giving birth to my son I started to sweat pretty profusely at night. My son is now 3 and I still do it maybe 1-3 times per week. The information out there can be scary (causes being AIDS, hormonal imbalance, cancer, menopause, etc). I guess I hope to find someone out there who experiences this too and has some advice on how to get rid of it. I plan to see a doctor as well. Any advice? sheet soaker

This happened to me as well when my daughter was born last summer. It was scary and uncomfortable for both my husband and me! I think that it had to do with breastfeeding and no longer being pregnant and my metabolism adjusting to all the above. It did end after about 3 months, thank goodness! MG
After giving birth to my son, I also sweat profusely at nighit; especially when I breast feed. I've been told that this is related to hormone. But if you are still worried, it is always good to get a check up. Elaine
Hi, I had night sweats for over a year, and finally started getting acupuncture treatments. It worked! I was told that my ''spleen energy'' was low ... I know that I was run down and pushing myself physically. I'm happy to say that was 8 years ago and now when I have an occassional night sweat I really try to rest and eat well for a few days and I'm fine. Good luck! Eileen
I think seeing your doctor is a good start; you might have a post-partum hormone imbalance (hyperthyroid?). It's one of those things that is only a threat if you let it go untreated. anon
Hi! I have also been sweating at night since my baby was born (now 2 months). Everytime I wake up to nurse I am sweaty. I also have incredible body odor since giving birth. I have not been at all worried about either issue, chalking it up to the fact that I have had a baby and my body is still out of whack. Good to know that someone else is dealing with this...please post what your MD says about it!
I had night sweats and chills for several months after I had my baby, which may have been exacerbated by the nursing, since I feel it was a hormonal thing. I didn't get too worried about, just took a shower in the morning when I had to! a mom
This won't solve your problem if you want night sweats to go away... but I read on a spiritual site that night sweats are a sign of the life force or kundahlini running freely, when it is not allowed or able to run well during the day. According to that view, night sweats have a purpose, albeit inconvenient. Fire in the body, in appropriate amounts, also helps to burn through mucous that could otherwise deteriorate health. For some reason, I have a gut feeling that you have a hormonal thing going on. Anonymous
I know that night sweats in menopausal women is related to body temperature regulation, which is tied to fluctuating hormone levels. Post childbirth and breastfeeding does come with fluctuating hormones! If you don't want to go on the pill right now, you could at least get a little bedside fan and sleep under layers so you can have just a sheet over you, or just kick off the covers when you get hot!
I have noticed night sweats during times of lower estrogen: pre-menstrual and at times during breastfeeding (before my period returned). I could always tell when my period was about to come because I would begin to have night sweats. This started in my late 30's, when my periods were still regular, well before perimenopause. Now my periods are much more irregular and I often get night sweats. I found that dressing in much lighter pj's than the weather would warrant and much lighter bedding, helps me to not get so sweaty. I haven't had any hot flashes in the day yet. eve

Excess sweating when lovemaking

July 2003

This is an odd question. I'm a single mom and have been dating a wonderful man recently. He's kind, compassionate, generous, fun, sexy, sweet... the whole package. We've gradually become more initimate and I've discovered that he sweats extremely excessively when lovemaking, so much so that it feels like standing under a waterfall. I find this unpleasant and a bit of a turn-off. I have never seen anything like it in my life; the amount of sweat that pours off of him is truly astounding and might be funny if it weren't so bothersome. Does anyone relate to this situation? Any advice? anonymous please

you have me laughing, I used to date this fellow! well, ok, yours is a different one as my ex is in a relationship in San Luis. He was (is?) an excessive sweater. The ''rain'' was bothersome to the point of distraction and often I just wanted sex to be over so I could dry off! I never addressed the issue directly with him, but my suspicion was he was trying REALLY hard not to ejaculate before I was ready and so was working himself up quite a bit before release. If I was more ''ready'' before he entered, and therefore he was too, then he would feel comfortable releasing sooner and then there was not as much sweating. So you might try encouraging/validating him to release sooner? no more umbrellas
My wife says
''It's simple. She should be on top.'' anonymous, of course
Hello- I know all too well the unpleasantness that you are referring to. My first husband had the same problem. We talked about it (that was the hard part) since I too found it rather unenjoyable.

We tried several options

He would shower before we became intimate. This seemed to help a bit, but did not eliminate the problem.

He bought some contraption he saw in a magazine that was supposed to ''kill'' the sweat glands. He ended up burning himself with this doo-hickie and I made him throw it away.

And finally...he lost weight. He was a big guy. Over 6'5'' tall and just shedding some extra pounds did the trick. He only lost 15-pounds but it made all the difference. He seemed much happier too.

Another tip: try different positions to avoid the ''waterfall''. anon

Yes, my husband does this too--it's like being under a faucet sometimes. It helps to be on top for me--less dripped on. Drysol (a prescription antiperspirant) could help but he's not someone I could suggest that to (he won't wear the OTC ones either as he doesn't believe in them, which I do understand). And he's so wonderful in so many other ways, I figure it's a little thing in the grand scheme. And of course I've gotten to drip breastmilk on him but it's really not the same. I say if he's wonderful in other ways, wait and see if you can get it to not bother you over time. good luck! another rained on rosy
Hi - I noted that most of the respondents to your question assumed sweating had to do with being overweight. My experience has been quite the opposite. I had a fling with an endurance athelete some years back, and he sweated quite a bit during sex. He was definitely not overweight!! In fact, he had the best body I've ever experienced in that way. ) Our fling did not evolve into a full-blown relationship, so we never really discussed it, but I now realize I came to think of the sweating as sexy. You know - hot, steamy sex. So now if my husband sweats a little during sex, I think it's erotic. Not everything in life was meant to be antiseptic and sterile. Perhaps you could change how you think about it! sports fan ;)

Questions about Kids

3 m/o baby sweating from crying in carseat

Jan 2010

My 3 m/o son cries as soon as or within a few minutes of being placed in the car seat. Lately, we've noticed that the back of his head and his back are drenched, so we assumed he was warm, even when dressed in light layers. The other day, the temperature outside was 40-50 degrees and I had the AC on and windows rolled down and he was still screaming and sweating while dressed in a t-shirt onesie. His pediatrician believes he's sweating b/c he's crying and that we should dress him according to the weather and keep him comfortable in the car seat, which I'm not sure how to do. He seems fine when someone sits in the back with him. I think he's bored and lonely when he's in the back seat by himself. I'm interested in hearing if others have found themselves in a similar situation or have any ideas/suggestions. Michele

Well.... All I can say is that, yes, our son did exactly this, at exactly this age, and we got through it. I know it's awful when parents say they just dealt with it somehow. Our son was born in November, and he never wore long sleeves for his first year. He was just a hot, sweaty baby. And it was at around 2 or 3 months that the car seat alone became a terror scene, sweating and beet-red face included. We never found a way to make it better in the moment but, for what it's worth, from the perspective of having had two more kids, it's just a phase, you're all suffering, but nobody will suffer permanent trauma from it, including your son. empathetic
I completely forgot about this phenomenon until I read your post. Our son had the exact same issue right around the same age. We also tried to put less clothes on him, assuming that he was just too warm. He hated his car seat at that time (he traveled in a Peg Perego infant seat), so I decided to try another car seat which gave him much more space. What a difference! He rarely fussed and he never was hot again. In retrospect, I think that he had just outgrown the car seat and needed more space, which the infant car seat didn't provide. I hope this was of help to you. I know how incredibly frustrating this is. Best of luck! joj
My son and my daughter both went thru being very unhappy in their car seats as infants. By 6 weeks, I couldn't take even putting my boy in the car because nothing I could do would make our trip pleasant. He was in a standard ''infant'' car seat, the kind you unlock from the base and take it with you. Out of desparation, I bought a Britax Roundabout (because it fits from 5lbs-30lbs). This carseat made all of the difference! When my daughter started having fits in the infant car seat, I knew what to do - install the Britax Roundabout. I don't think it was necessarily the *brand* of the more successful car seat, I just think it was more padded, and sat higher up so that they could see more (maybe?). Anyway, this solved my problems. You don't say what kind of carseat he is in, but if it's one of those lock in/lock out carry with you ones, he might be happier in another throne. Hope that helps!
My daughter did the same thing when she was that age. For her I found that white noise did the trick and usually put her right to sleep. I would use the radio tuned to static. I have friends that have used those toys that play a little song when you push buttons that seemed to entertain their baby in the car.
Have you tried attaching toys to the top rim of this sunshade to entertain him? Or does he respond to you talking or singing to him? My son liked having toys to look at and responded well to me singing to him, though I had to sing loudly. He also was calmed by having a pacifier. I tied ribbon to the pacifier and a clip onto the other end of the ribbon so that if he spit it out and started crying I could reach around to where the clip was secured, pull the ribbon until the pacifier was in my hand and put the pacifier back in his mouth. Sometimes while driving, ideally when at a stoplight. Sometimes, too, it helped to sit him in the carseat and linger in the doorway or climb in the backseat for a minute or two talking or singing to him to get him to stop fussing if he immediately got upset at being put in the carseat. I also considered putting a baby mirror in front of him that allowed us to see each other from the reflection in the rearview mirror, but never got around to it. He still prefers to have someone with him in the backseat, but got less fussy as he got older. still sing in the car
Both of my daughters had this phase. And it was a phase. They both cried like crazy in the car seat and sweat though their clothes. Then around 5 months it stopped. Neither of them loved the car seat after that but they were able to regulate their temperature just fine.

My girls sweat no matter what so I just dressed them for the weather and assumed they would have a change of clothes when we arrived where we were going. Hope yours is a phase too

Excessive sweating in 5 yr old

March 2008

Hello, I'm not sure if this is something I should be worried about but I'll throw it out there. My 5 year old son sweats a lot, particularly at night. I notice it most when he sucks his thumb (something we're trying to stop). He sweats regardless of the temperature. At times, we put him in a light bed sheet but it does not seem to help. It can be so excessive that I have had to change his shirt or turn his pillow over in the middle of the night. Is this normal? Is it a boy thing? Thanks for any insights! confounded mom

This is so funny to see this post right after talking to my doctor about the exact same thing. My four year old has always sweated when falling asleep, and sweats when he plays. He is not overweight and is very healthy. I finally asked the doctor and he said ''don't worry about it, at least you'll always know when he's lying.'' I really like that. He said it's not a big deal and since then I've talked to other people who have children who sweat. I have taken to putting a towel on my son's pillow. Once he's deeply asleep and no longer sweating I take the towel off. It seems to work. Hope this helps a little or reassures you. sweaty when sleeping
If you haven't already, have your son checked for diabetes. Night sweats in particular can be a sign of diabetes. Better yet a full health exam and be sure to let the Dr. know what has been happening. Anon
My middle son, now 7, was like this @ 4 to 5. People used to remark on it. He has always been very energetic and active and still gets a sweaty head from going hard. But, it is less than it used to be. Hope this helps, anon
Hi I didn't read your initial question so sorry if you already thought of some of these things. Firstly excessive sweating at night can be a sign that you son has Sleep Apnea - does he snore or snort a lot while sleeping, sleep in strange positions, do you catch him not breathing while asleep, does he wet the bed, is he hyperactive and/or sleepy during the day, is he a mouth breather during the day? - all these along with excessive night sweating are symptoms of sleep apnea which is serious health issue for a developing child. The other thought I have is that in alternative medicine excessive sweating is seen as an imbalance in the body and accupuncture or homeopathy can help rebalance him. anon
One of my kids sweats a lot - his thick hair will be drenched after running around vigorously for half an hour. Dress your son lightly at night - just underwear and a t-shirt for instance. Make sure he's hydrated.

2.5 year old sweating at naptime/bedtime

Aug 2004

My 2.5 yr. old sweats profusely when she goes to sleep. She doesn't seemed to be bothered by it. I was wondeirng if this is normal or an indication of a different problem. anyone have a simillar experience with their child? thanks!

Hi, My son, who's now 4 1/2, regularly sweats profusely while napping and/or sleeping. For example, his hair will get completely soaked, and often his clothes will be pretty wet with sweat as well. My daughter, who's now 1 1/2, also sweats through her head sometimes and her hair will be soaked when she wakes up. I just chalk it up to their high metabolisms... laura
I cant help with any reasons, but my 2 year old son also sweats a lot in his sleep. His head specially, is almost drenched in sweat by the time he wakes up. He sleeps without a blanket, but it appears almost as if the warmth of the mattress and nearby pillow is enough to make him sweat. Dont know what this indicates and would be interested to find out! Vaiju

Baby's sweaty feet

June 2002

Our 4 month old has sweaty feet. Her hands and feet have always been on the clammy side, the temperature of our home isn't to warm or too cold.I thought it was because of wearing socks so often but just now my husband and I noticed how sweaty her feet were (and they were out in the open for a while) and so we wiped them dry and a minute later they were shiny again, it's weird. Anybody have a clue?

I once read an article about rickets in which this doctor said she noticed a lot of the kids with that disease were sweaty. Your child's too yound for rickets, I think, but you might want to make sure she's getting enough vitamin D, especially if you're nursing. It's a long, long shot, but who knows? She's probably just a little too warm, since babies seem to run hot. a mom

3 1/2 month old sweats so much

June 2002

My 3 1/2 month old baby sweats profusely on his head when he nurses. Is this normal? Has anyone else had experience with this? I'm wondering if I should give him extra water or undress him when he nurses to try to cool him off. Danielle

I don't think you need to worry about this at all. My baby did this, and when I asked the doctor about it, he pointed out that nursing can be hard work for a baby this age. It went away on its own a couple of months later. Karen
According to my pediatrician and Barton D. Schmitt (''Your Child's Health''), babies don't normally need supplemental water. But YOU do, if the weather is hot. You might check his temperature to see if it's elevated, and drink more water or undress him as needed. Does your baby have the appropriate number of wet diapers? That's the normal way to tell if a baby is getting enough fluids. Fran