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Oral surgery for 9-year-old's impacted baby teeth

Sept 2003

My 9-y.o. daughter is, unfortunately, a veteran of many dental procedures (extractions, fillings, etc). We like and trust our most recent dentist (Katsura, Khalil, etc.), although they seem a little too busy sometimes.

We've been referred to the oral surgeon for a new problem: two baby molars that are not falling out. Loose on one side only for many months, ''bone impacted?'' the permanent tooth is trying to come in. There are recommendations for the oral surgeon already on the site, and I feel comfortable with the referral.

My question is, have other people gone through this procedure? I have yet to talk to the oral surgeon, but I plan to ask about anesthesia, pain, spacing of the teeth after the procedure. Are there other things I should ask? Things I should tell my daughter? (I try to tell her as much as I can). I told her that we're in good hands because this is what oral surgeons do and they're good at it, but I'm actually a little scared. Thanks!

My son had oral surgery when he was 7 for an impacted baby tooth and also to remove an extra tooth (which evidently runs in my fmaily). I was also a little nervous, but all went well. The oral surgeon did not have to put him out, but gave him laughing gas (nitrous oxide). I was there the whole time, holding his hand. He actually enjoyed the experience, the toy he got after the surgery, and the day I spent with him when he was recovering. Oddly enough, it is a fond memory of his childhood for me. You should certainly inform yourself, but realize that there is little to worry about. This will give her something to write an autobiographical essay about in middle school (they seem to do that a lot). Good luck.