Nails Splitting & Breaking

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Fingernails peeling off

Feb 2008

Several of my nails are peeling off! It started a couple of years ago with just one nail, but in the last month or so several of them are becoming misshapen and then peeling away. I've been to a dermatologist, who was as puzzled as I was. I thought perhaps it was due to a manicure gone wrong, but I haven't been to a manicurist in several months. Any suggestions, either for who to see about this or what can be done? anon

You don't mention whether your fingers had a tingly sensation prior to the nails peeling - so I'm assuming they didn't - but when my nails peeled off, it turned out I had a strain of Hand/Foot/Mouth from my son's preschool. I did, however, have this tingly sensation prior, so I knew something was up. They grew back just fine. You might want to go to a GP if your derm. is so baffled. anon

Weak fingernails can be a sign of a thyroid problem....You might ask your doctor to test your thyroid or maybe first look online into other thyroid symptoms that you may not be connecting with the fingernail peeling. Could be nothing there, but could be something. Good Luck!

Splitting toenail

Jan 2003

i'm not sure this is worth going to a doctor for--my little toenail has started growing in split in two, and doesn't seem to be healing after several months. anyone know if there is anything i can do about it? lynne

Call your doctor. He or she can refer you to a pediatrist. It's not a serious problem, but when my big toenail did this, I was very glad to have it attended to. anonomous