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Management of and Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

May 2005

I am seeking a health care professional who can help me manage painful and fatiguing condition of fibromyalgia, be it a primary care physician, rheumatologist, or otherwise. I am looking for someone focused in either western or alternative medicine, but knowledgeable of and open to both. I have had the condition for 12+ years and have tried many therapies and medications, but have no one here in the Bay Area (we moved her 3.5 yrs ago) that is truly managing or helping me with this condition. If anyone has specific nutritionists, practitioners, types of treatment, etc. that have truly helped them, recommendations for these would be very welcome as well. I have been to the Fibro Support Group at Alta Bates as well but wasn't very happy with it. Know of any others? Want to start one, with child care? Thanks very much.

Hi: One suggestion that I have is that you really read up on thyroid imbalance, particularly if you have any other autoimmune disorders. (The diagnosis & treatment of thyroid disorders is really much more complex than most doctors are willing to admit.) My doctor has written a book: ''The Riddle of Illness Solved'' by Dr. Stephen Langer which is really useful. There is another book, that was given to me by my Aunt who also suffers: ''From fatigued to fantastic: A manual for moving beyond chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia'' by Jacob Teitelbaum. It has complete lists of diagnostic tests, local resources, and mail-order organizations, and details related problems... I was also able to check on the recommended doses of supplements (Vit D, Mag, Calcium...). Best wishes for a speedy trip to vitality, D

Fibromyalgia/Candida Connection?

March 2005

Does anyone have any insight into the possible connection between the Candida fungus and Fibromyalgia symptoms (specified joint pain, constant fatigue, unrestful sleep)? I have a friend who has experienced constant and insurmountable fatique and flu symptoms for a while, and I happen to know she is susceptible to yeast infections. I've read about this connection in different contexts, and it seems to me this may be the kind of thing doctors overlook. However, most of the reading out there is from questionable sources online (often touting some kind of miracle herbal remedy they just happen to sell). Has anyone had a medically confirmed case of Candida with Fibromyalgia, found a workable treatment, whether through alternative medicine or otherwise? Any doctors, homeopaths or other care givers you recommend? desperate to help my desperate friend

I would encourage your friend to get tested for other autoimmune diseases - specifically Celiac's disease. This is a disease where the digestive system is destroyed by gluten containing foods such as wheat, oats, barley etc.. The reason that I recommend this, while it may be a small possibility that your friend has it, is that I too had been sent to a rumatologist for possible fibromyalgia due to constant fatigue, pain, tingling sensations, overall flu like symptoms. I also encountered yeast infections more than I had ever had before. After a long period of misdiagnosis, I finally found the real cause- celiacs, and after becoming gluten-free I can say that I am so grateful! If your friend does not have 'celiacs' they may still benefit from a low gluten/wheat and low sugar diet (for the candida). It is a diet recommended to improve the body's overall function and ability to cope with autoimmune responses. anon

I don't know much about the connection between Candida and Fibromyalgia, but I had many fibromyalgia symptoms post-partum and found that there seemed to be a connection with two things. The first one, nursing (!) might not be applicable to your friend, but I was also found to have high levels of mercury in my body (possibly due to dental fillings improperly removed, possibly due to high fish consumption). I had levels of mercury tested in both hair samples and in a kind of chelation challenge test. When I went through the detox (after having the rest of my fillings removed properly) my fibromyalgia symptoms disappeared completely! It also did coincide with weaning my child, which might suggest a connection there, but I think there is supposedly a connection between high mercury levels and candida in the body, which is why I'm posting this... Formerly too heavy metal

Yes, I think candida is often one of the problems behind fibromyalgia. Many people consider Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia to be essentially the same disease, with symptoms varying in different people. I recommend the book ''The Alternative Medicine Guide to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia''. Also, you could try : Jenny

My sister was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

April 2004

After much discomfort and frustration, my sister has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Does anyone have recommendations for remedies or lifestyle changes? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Susan

There is some overlap between Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Fibromyalgia. It may help to reduce your exposure to toxins such as perfume, air fresheners, ammonia, bleach, etc. sunsolsal