Puffiness Under the Eyes

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Puffy bags/circles under my eyes

Sept 2005

I am hoping that someone can recommend a treatment for the puffy bags/circles under my eyes. I have bad allergies and take various remedies on and off to include claritin, children's benedryl, neti pot saline soution washes, etc. I need a treatment that will help bring down the puffy bags. They are making me look ancient and I'm not really the botox type. Anybody had any luck with creams or accupuncture (I'm thinking of accupuncture for the allergies anyway?)Any suggestions helpful. looking haggard all the time

I think a good acupuncturist would abe able to help you. I believe that bags and puffiness under the eyes is related to liver energy (often alcoholics will have that look from a toxic liver from too much alcohol). You said you've been taking medication...which also would be toxic to the liver. Good luck, anon

I know how you feel and can highly recommend a two level solution. I am having treatments in both acupuncture and BIOSET, which is an energy-based allergy elimination program. Yes, elimination. I have been having great relief and success with Dr. Anita Chen Marshall in Alameda ( she is in an office building right across the street from Alameda Hospital) 510-523- 1072. She is a lovely, healing woman whose first career as a pharmacist really adds to her understanding and expertise now as a doctor of acupuncture. She herself suffered from terrible allergies and asthma, and got into this because she found great health with acupuncture and BIOSET. It works so well. Email me if I can answer any more questions. Louise

Hi - I had the same problem from being exhausted from a crazy work schedule. I was in my mid 30s and looked awful. I tried Loreal Revitalift Eye cream before I went to bed and again in the morning, and still use it each morning after I shower. It really helped with puffiness (I didn't have circles, so can't speak to that). I even recommended it to a male colleague, who liked it too! People regularly mistake me for 10 years younger than I am these days, so I'm happy. Good luck. looking much better

I had dark circles under my eyes for years that even makeup couldn't cover and had gotten used to it. So when I noticed the dark circles had disappeared after the wonderful accupunture & herb treatments for my severe allergies I was suprised. My accupunturist said the dark circles had been a result of my energy being low because of the allergies. Perhaps you'd like to try Dr. Jing Li or Dr. Janet in Oakland on Piedmont (just down the corner from Chapel of the Chimes) @510-654-1567. No more dark circles, only wrinkles!

Puffiness under my eyes

March 2005

Hi, Does anyone out there have a recommendation on how to get rid of bags/puffiness under the eyes? I tend to get enough sleep so I'm thinking the puffiness and darkness is caused by something else. There are a lot of expensive creams etc out there and I don't want to risk spending a lot of money on something that turns out to not work. Thanks!

Teabags - cheap black tea bags (caffeinated)! You can buy 100 Lipton or store brand bags for a couple of bucks, tops. Just run them under very cold water for a few seconds squeeze them to get the tea to release its magic, run them under the cold water again for a second, very lightly squeeze out, lie down on your bed with a towel under your head, relax for about 5 minutes, et voila! Lynn

My experience with undereye puffiness and darkness is that this often due to allergies of various types, but year round puffiness are most commonly due to food allergies. You may want to analyze your diet a bit and notice if there are particular foods that are extremely promient in your diet, as these are the most likely culprits. The most common food sensitivities are wheat, dairy, citrus, corn, egg, and soy. Try eliminating for a period of 3 weeks or so, then challenge the foods and see what happens. Good luck! Tara Levy, ND

one thing that helps is no eating salt before bedtime, ideally none after 6 pm. This has helped my puffiness. the darkness might be hereditary or hormonal. I read to keep eye gels in the fridge but haven't tried (cools the swelling I suppose) I haven't tried many creams/ gels but I like one I got at Elephant pharmacy Jason brand ''new cell'' or something like that. sleeps but puffy too

Allergies can cause puffiness, too. You might check that, if you haven't already. I really like California Baby products for my kids, and have discovered that their cream (in the yellow-label jar) feels great under my eyes, very soothing. Good Luck Donna

I am an esthetician that deals with many clients who get enough sleep and have puffiness under the eyes for other reasons. I am finding that puffiness and discoloration are due to an accumulation of toxins underneath the eyes. The area under the eye has difficulty draining the toxins at times. The key is to improve circulation under the eyes. The product that I use is from Methode Physiodermie which is an extremely high quality product. The micro eye contour gel along with the normalizing and decongesting biaromes will improve drainage and circulation of residue and drainage. You can buy this product as Polish on Piedmont Nail and Skin Spa. 510.601.0909. 4319 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611. jinny

Hi, Puffiness under the eye is due to a stagnation of the lymphatic system, you need to drain the eye area. You should try the Phyto Contour from YonKa based on rosemary. The rosemary drains and detoxes which will help puffiness as well as dark circles. Those products are totally natural-based on Aroma-Therapy and work well with the immune system. You can get this product at www.beautenature.biz or Beaute Nature in Emeryville at 510 823 5933. Soizic