Dark Circles under the Eyes

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Under eye cirles and sunkenness

July 2008

First excuse the obvious shallowness of this whole question, (I'm a bit embarassed) however, when I look in the mirror I see my eyes looking like racoons and my whole face seems changed.It is starting to really get to me. I am in my 50's and it has, of course, increased with age. I was told that injections of one's own fat under the eyes can remedy the sunken look and with it the darkness under the eyes at least temporarily. Anyone had any experience with this proceedure or know anyone who did? I'd love to hear about it pros and cons as well as learn who some good MDs in the area are. THANKS Jenny

I would recommend dealing with any allergies you have before having injections. I got rid of the dark circles under my eyes by getting rid of perfume and other scented products. It could be you are sensitive to mold, dust or animals. anon

Post-partum dark circles under eyes

May 2006

Ever since six months post partum with my first child, I've noticed that the skin area below my eyes has darkened quite a bit. Has this happened to anyone else. Admittedly I've had interrupted sleep and continue to wake up a few times a night with my baby. For those this happened to, did this eventually go away once the baby started sleeping through the night? Any suggesetions on possible makeup to cover it up or other ideas? thanks! don't like the racoon look

I recommend using a brush to apply undereye concealer. It looks much better if you use a brush. I am happy with Jane Iredale concealer. Robyn

I read somewhere the undereye circles can be caused by an iron deficiency. No idea if that's true. Fran

Check out Factor A by Jan Marini. Its for dark circles. It works on my eyes and I also tried their vitamins to help with the internal issues. Between the two, I have seen an improvement over the past 5 months. I think I was lacking vitamins from both pregnancies. I purchased them at Spa de Esperanza in Albany on Solano Avenue. Talk to Kristina, she is most knowledgeable about that. My friend went to her for dark circles, and she put her on a serum for hydration and does lymphatic something to her facials to drain the fluid from her allergies. It has helped her with the puffy dark circles. She swears by it. Their number is 510-525-8700. Give that a try. It should help. Lina

5-year-old with dark circles under eyes

August 2003

My 5 year old daughter has always had somewhat dark circles under her eyes (not so noticable unless you are a compulsive mom!). Her doctor has said not to worry, but I wonder if she might be deficient in a certain vitamin or if there could be other reasons for it. I don't think it is soley related to sleep because she has always had it. On the other hand, I do wonder if she gets enough sleep. She usually sleeps from 9pm until 7:30/8:00 am I would love to hear from other parents and get any advice as to causes/treatments, etc. Ariel

Dark circles under eyes could be an allergy. Maybe something she is eating, drinking or breathing. Try a rotation or elimination diet to figure out if it is something she is ingesting. It could be pet dander, ammonia, perfume, new carpet, or many other things she is breathing. Try cleaning up indoor air pollution.

I don't have a lot of info. about this but a friend of mine has suggested that dark circles, and also in paricular, circles with a purplish tint, can be caused by/ related to food allergy or intolerance. The child would not necessarily have very noticeable allergic symptoms, but may have the circles, and/ or other subtle symptoms such as frequent ear infections or moodiness. Chris

Dark circles, in my experience, are very often related to allergies. This can be environmental allergies, like dustmites or mold, or food sensitivities, the most common of which are wheat, dairy, and corn. See if she has any other symptoms of allergy and maybe consider applying some allergy-reduction techniques to her envirnoment and see how she reponds. Tara Levy, ND

New mom's under eye circles

October 2003

Does anyone know of any natural remedies to lessen the appearance of under eye circles? I know that sleep is a great remedy, but with a newborn . . . .

Nothing substitutes for a good night's sleep but when I can't get one and want to lessen the circles (as well as the crows feet that I am now developing) I use two products (that I also distribute) -- one is an eye gel called Aestival Firming Eye Gel and the other is an eye mask developed by Dr. Berman. The eye gel is inexpensive while Dr. Berman's is a little pricier. You can email me for more information or check out my website at www.unicitynetwork.com/lbytof. Linda

I got some cream at Bare Essentials on 4th street, and also the same kind of stuff at Macy's. It's just for what you're talking about. I think any good makeup line sells it. Irene