Breast Pain

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My breasts hurt almost all the time

March 2006

I stopped nursing my 5 yo about a year ago, and about 6 months ago my breasts started becoming swollen and painful before my period. I would think that was normal, but it's now to the point where it starts about 3 days after my period ends, and continues the whole month until I get my period again, at which point I get a few days relief before it starts again. So basically, they hurt almost all the time, and are bigger than I want them to be. I'm 42, if that matters. Is this some kind of peri-menopause thing? How do I make it stop? Sore and Too Big

Don't want to scare you, but just read an article on a very rare but fast moving breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. There is no lump with this cancer as there is in most cases of breast cancer. The main symptom is brest swelling. You can read all about it online - just google Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Definitely see your docotor about this and request a mammogram! good luck!

You know, I had something similar. It started shortly after my daughter weaned at 27 months. My breasts would get swollen, tender and very heavy around the time I ovulated and would stay that way until my period started. It was very painful - I'm a stomach sleeper and couldn't sleep on my stomach. This was how my breasts felt when I was pregnant. I was convinced it was a hormone irregularity. Anyway, I found a great accupuncturist on this network who helped alot of other women with this kind of problem. After my first month seeing him, my breasts didn't get tender or sore until 3 days before I bled. I am so happy to have found him! His name is Brian Barlay at Temescal Accupuncture. 510-645-7040. Symptom-free

Breast is still painful a year after ductal infection

Nov 2002

i need more info about breast health than i can find at the doctor , online, la leche league. about 1.5 years ago, i had a horrible ''Ductal Yeast Infection'' while nursing, which forced me to wean off the one infected breast. no other treatment helped. the doctors were stumped, Diflucan an expensive waste, diet changes made no difference, etc. now, approximately 1 year later, this same breast is, intermittently, very painful to exam, lie on, just live with. i ceased all nursing about 10 months ago, so my system is nearly milk free. my mammogram came back clean, and the dr. exam found nothing. has anyone had experience with this specific problem, or read about it anywhere ? it isn't so much the pain level that bothers me, as the not knowing what is going on in there. thanks for any information andrea

I had a bad problem with clogged ducts when I started breastfeeding my first child. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. (Yes, I had labor, and that was only a couple hours. The clogged ducts lasted for weeks.) Basically, since that time, I have had (decreasingly) painful breasts. I too have had my doctor check it, but he found nothing. It's now four years (and another child, and more breastfeeding) later, and although the pain on touching or lying on my breasts has diminished, they are still more painful than before my first pregnancy, and more painful than I'd like or expected. I figure, that's just how it turned out. If you find out any answers, please post them. Breast pain too, but no answers

Intermittant breast pain after weaning

July 2002

I am having some strange pain in my right breast. It's hard to describe - you could say it's either a sharp ache, or a dull pain. It comes and goes, and lasts only for a few minutes. It's not even really *that* painful, but I don't think it's good to just ignore it. I just weaned my daughter about 3 weeks ago after 16 months of nursing - I did not notice this pain while I was still nursing, but then again it may not be related at all. Has anyone experienced anything similar, or have any insight? Thanks very much.

I had similar breast pain (a dull ache) when I lived in Singapore. I went to my GYN to rule out any serious problems, and she suggested that I take Primrose Oil which helps with hormone-related aches in the breast. The pain went away after a week or so. I can't imagine a US doctor making such a suggestion! It's available almost everywhere in tablets and good for arthritis, as well. Good luck. elizabeth