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4 year old losing teeth

Oct 2006

my daughter, who will turn four and a half in a few weeks, lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. it hadn't been bumped or hit, it fell out relatively painlessly, and the tip of the new permanent tooth is visible in the gap. now her remaining lower front tooth is starting to wiggle! both her pediatrician and her dentist have advised me not to worry about her losing teeth at such a young age, but worry i do, all the same. has anyone else experienced this? i'd deeply appreciate any reassuring words. many thanks. janice

Your doctor & dentist are correct--don't worry about your daughter's teeth. As long as they are coming out of their own accord and you can see the adult teeth emerging (as you say you can), then her body is following its own normal timetable. My oldest daughter lost her first tooth at 5 and 3 months and went on to lose all of her baby teeth by the time she was 9 1/2. My son, by contrast, is 11 1/2 and still needs to lose many of his baby teeth. The dentist wasn't concerned about my daughter, but he and the orthodontist have told my son that his baby teeth are blocking some of his adult teeth and might need to be pulled (this is a powerful incentive for my son to get working on his baby teeth and loosen them himself by wiggling them). My third child at age 8 is average with her tooth loss timetable.

Loosing her teeth early has had absolutely no relationship to any of my daughter's other aspects of physical maturation. For example, she has yet to fully develop or start her period at the age of nearly 14. It just goes to show that there is a wide range of normal development and your daughter's body is doing what it right for it.

Some benefits to early teeth loss--my daughter still believed in the Tooth Fairy when she lost her last teeth, which was very sweet. Also, because my daughter had her adult teeth so early, she was completely finished with her braces by fifth or sixth grade, and is now going through the awkward adolescent years without the additional burden of braces. My son will not even start braces until the middle of sixth grade and will probably be still wearing them in high school Don't worry!

My daughter got her first teeth at 3 months and starting losing her teeth at age 4 which were then replaced with her first molars (usually at age 6) and other permanent teeth . This is not typical, but it is ''normal.'' There is no cause to worry anon

I can't address your concern about your daughter being 4 and losing teeth, but I can tell you that my daughter lost her first two teeth and got the permenant ones in and then didn't have any loose again for over a year. So, just because these are early - she may not loose any more for quite a while. good luck patricia

Hi, I am a teacher of four and five year olds. Almost every year, I have at least one four year old who loses his or her first tooth. One year four children lost teeth! Seems quite within the normal range N.

My daughter lost her first two teeth at about 4 1/2 as well. I called the dentist when the first one was loose and was told between 4-6 years is normal. My daughter is now in Kindergarten and just lost both top front teeth, so we are up to 4 teeth. She is the only one in the class to have lost more than 1 tooth. Since her bottom ones are already completely in, I think it must be normal! night job as tooth fairy

Our son started getting his baby teeth at 4 months and started losing his teeth in pre-school. There were a couple of other 4-year-olds who also lost their teeth that year. No big deal. G.

9 yr old's baby teeth not falling out

Feb 2006

Our son, who is nearly 10, has lost only 5 baby teeth, including the two front ones. A couple of the other ones that came out have been replaced by adult teeth the seem to be stuck in transition mode--they came halfway in but are somewhat crowded out by the other baby teeth. He has been seen by our dentist, and I have expressed my concerns, but the dentist says ''no problem'' and that we should just wait. How can I wait when I know of many kids (younger than age 9)who have had baby teeth extracted to make room for the permanent ones, and other kids in his class who are already fitted for braces? My take is that he needs to have some of them pulled, but don't know where to go next. Has anyone else had the same experience? I am pretty suure that by age 10, all of my baby teeth, except for the far-back molars, had come out. Something is off

Your child is just fine, especially if the dentist says so. My son didn't lose his first tooth until He was almost 8. He is 11 now and still has several to go. I was concerned about it, too, but our dentitst said there are no new teeth crowding the baby teeth, so not to worry. He even said it was a *good* thing when kids get their permanent teeth later. Their jaws are more developed and the teeth are able to come in where they are more likely to stay.

My daughter, who is almost 7, hasn't lost any teeth and has no loose ones. She is dying to lose teeth because everyone else in her class has, but I keep telling her to be patient. It doesn't help the peer pressure aspect when her teacher has a chart denoting how many teeth have been lost among the kids this year!

Again, don't fret, and please let you son know that he is normal and that it is better for him in the long run. This Tooth Fairy Is On Sabbatical

Take your kid to a dentist. My son had the same problem did not loose his teth until very late. Maybe they will have to pull it out. And there is a possibility that he may need braces later on. But in the meantime,relax; it has a solution. Daugther of a dentist

5-year old girl losing baby teeth

Aug 2005

My 5-year old daughter's baby teeth are starting to wiggle. I have seen the new teeth are erupting. Is it normal for her age? concerned mom

This is from drspock.com:

The first tooth to fall out, or exfoliate, is usually one of the lower front teeth. This generally occurs at six to seven years of age, with girls experiencing loose teeth earlier than boys. Up to a year or two earlier or later than this age could be perfectly normal for your child.

My daughter lost both of her lower front teeth about a month before she turned five. Her dentist and her doctor said this was normal, and that she should not expect more loose teeth for about a year. --LC

Yes, very normal. My 5.25 yo daughter just lost her first tooth. Her 5.5 yo buddy lost her first tooth last month. Relax and start talking tooth fairy. Anon