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8 month old hates stroller

March 2003

My 8 month old daughter has started to cry every time she is in the stroller and doesn't stop crying until I pick her up. She used to enjoy the stroller, never complained, and often fell asleep. However, every stroller walk now ends up with me carrying her most of the way (she is usually fine for about 20 minutes or so), pushing the stroller with one hand. I have enjoyed taking long (1-2 hour) walks with her since she was a few weeks old, first in the sling, later in the baby bjorn, and then in the stroller from she was 4-5 months old. Since my husband uses the car to get to work our daily stroller walk is the only way we are getting out of the house, to moms group, the YMCA, shopping, etc. The only thing that works now is to carry her or have her in the baby bjorn, but she is really too heavy to carry in the bjorn. We have even invested in a backpack carrier, but after a while she also starts crying in the backpack! I have tried to give her toys to play with in the stroller, but she doesn't care about the toys. I have also tried a different stroller where she faces me, but she still starts to cry after a while. At home she is a happy baby, she rarely cries or needs to be carried, and she enjoys sitting or lying playing with her toys for extended periods (she doesn't crawl yet). She is also happy whenever she is in the car. Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there anything I can do to make my daughter enjoy the stroller again? Maria

I have a very big baby who likes to be held (25lbs at 8months!) The baby bjorn is now a joke, and she scarcely fits in any sling. I searched and found a front pack called the BabyTrekker from Canada that really works! It has a thick waist belt and big, thick (ugly) back-straps. I can wear my baby on a hike for over an hour now with very little discomfort and no pain in my back afterwards. My baby never fusses or cries when she's in it, I think because she's in front and close to my face and voice. Unfortunately, it costs $80. You can find/purchase it on line. Mary

Stroller Meltdown with 8-month old twins

I have 8-month old twins who do not like their stroller. I have both front/back and side by side models, but one or both of the babies melt down every time we either go for a walk or try to go shopping, regardless of which stroller I use. When they were smaller, I used to put one in the stroller and bring my baby bjorn to carry whoever was more upset, but they are now too heavy to do this. This has been very hard on me, because with twins the only way you can get out is with a stroller, as you can't hold both of them. I'm feeling very isolated and frustrated. Does anyone have any experience with this problem or have any advice on ways to make outings in the stroller more enjoyable? Thanks! Chris

Your strollers are probably just fine. My twins also had a stage like that, right around your kids' age, and I remember juggling them in and out one at a time trying to stop the crying, and walking with one in my arms while I pushed the crying one, then switching them only to have the next one start bellowing the minute I set him in his seat, and it was very stressful. I suspect it's just a phase (it was for mine anyway) and you'll live through it long before any magic cure comes along. My only advice to get through this stage is to stay fairly close to home, I used to go around the block rather than 4 blocks in one direction, so if it gets unbearable you don't feel stranded far from home, and to remember that they really are okay, just letting off steam in the only way they can right now. Good luck! It gets much easier, I promise! Carrie

8 months is a perfect age to get a proper frame backpack - my daughter loved it at that age. It will at least keep one happy. It's important to get one with a waist strap to help support your back. You can use them for a couple of years - until they get good at climbing out of them. Also for the stroller you can try using more things to entertain them - things to chew, toys attached to it etc. Balloons on a string helped for my son's hatred of car seats. A box of surprises can help too - something for them to dig about in and unwrap bit by bit (pegs and string were a favorite). My daughter (not a twin) also resisted using a stroller a lot of the time - but once she was able to walk holding on (about ten months) she liked to push it herself, so at least it was there for when she got exhausted and beyond objecting to it.

Strollers are good for getting around, but sometimes I've seen parents using them as a way of just trying to keep their children still and strapped down - it's no wonder they object to that. It's worth keeping in mind places where you can stop and let them out - our bank for example was very toddler friendly, with a heap of toys in one corner. Your twins may not be up to that yet, but they will be.

For general mobility (and fitness), you could also consider a bike cart - they have two seats pulled by a puffing parent. My son liked it even though he hated car seats and strollers. Not that you need any more gear..... Good luck! (you will get thru this!) fiona

When my kids became too heavy for the Baby Bjorn I switched to a backpack. My kids were never crazy about the stroller, either. With the backpack, I could get many lengthy errands accomplished. I think the kids really like being at the same eye-level as grown-ups - there's a lot more to see when you are higher up. Daphne

Have you tried the kind of double stroller where the seats can be turned around either way? Thus allowing your twins to look at each other? Might this help? April

I have one 11 m.o. baby who often dislikes her stroller... but it must be really tough to have two who don't like it! Have you tried a baby backpack to do the same thing you had done with the Bjorn, using it for whomever is crying the loudest? You can carry a toddler-sized baby on your back with some ease. Unfortunately, baby backpacks don't fold up as nicely as the Bjorn. The other thing to consider: a friend's baby hated her stroller (a hand-me-down) but then the friend sprung for the maclaren supercomfy deluxe model and the baby was much happier. Look at your strollers and check their features: this baby apparently really hated leaning back in the way the first stroller forced her to. Ilana

Taking a stroller on the bus

March 2003

I am a daycare provider who uses ac transit with my daycar kids. I need help and suppor. I have to use a stroller for one of my kids. The thing is we , parents and providers, have to go to the back of the bus because the strollers are a safety hazzard. so Today i was noticing on the bus, with no kids, that even in the back of the bus it still is a safety hazzard. I also heard 3 disgusted parents complain about this along with other passengers. My suggestion to ac transit people is to allow the parents and providers to park the stroller where the wheel chairs are located. Parents and providers please call or email ac transit people and tell them your opinions and suggestions. Any advice given to me will be appreciated. Annette

Buses in Europe have spaces in the middle of the bus designated for parents with strollers which are similar to the wheelchair spaces in AC Transit buses here (and, if I remember right, accommodate wheelchairs as well). Straps are attached to the inside walls under the windows, allowing you to secure the strollers to the bus. In addition, parents with children in strollers are allowed to ride free and it is easy to roll the open stroller onto the bus. This is a very child-friendly and workable system that we could encourage AC Transit to adopt. Sara

Moderator Note: AC Transit has a web form for complaints here: There is also a phone number 817-1717 +1111 and email address customerservices at Make sure they hear from you if you share this concern!