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Flying with a 4yo with special needs

Nov 2009

I'm hoping some other parents or airline personnel might give us some advice on flying with a child with special needs. Our kid is four and has a chromosomal abnormality. She doesn't speak but is very vocal (and very loud). We need to start flying with her on a regular basis (a long cross country flight) and we are frankly terrified of the nightmare it might be. She's a happy kid, she won't be crying but she will be very loud and will most likely drive the other passengers nutty. Does anyone know if any airlines have parts of the plane that are noise dampening? Or does anyone have any advice for us? We'll of course bring her headphones, music, & videos. She doesn't eat, so we can't bribe her there. Any advice would be much appreciated! Chris

I used to knock my kid out with orange Triaminic when he was little. If drugging your kid is not objectionable, you could try that or Benedryl or other antihistimines. flying mom of a very active kid
I have been a flight attendant for the last 20 years and your situation is a hard one since you will never know who you will end up sitting next to however you have the rights to be on the airplane just like any other passengers who may get annoyed with your child but don't worry about it. Just keep the communication open between you and the flight attendants and hope everything goes well. By the way, all airline's website has a section for people with disabilities so you may want to look into that. I am also attaching a website that you should read from US Department of Transportation.

Since this is your child, I think you know what enviornment is the best for you and your child therefore bringing things to keep her occupied is a great way to start. Good Luck with your traveling....