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Inexpensive Immigration Lawyer

March 2011

We need any recommendation or advise to solve an immigration situation; looking for an Inexpensive Lawyer or Advocate group to know how to start the process. We have two children, things are getting harder, so we want to make sure, we all stay together. Thanks for reading. Hope

I've know Geri Kahn, since early 90's. She is honest, knowledgeable, and reliable attorney. At the time I had no money, she was helping me for almost nothing. When we met, she was just out of law school and I am sure had lower overhead.

I am not sure how much is she charging now, but I am sure that she will give you a good advise.

Here is her contact:
Happy to Help

There are a number of charitable organizations that assist with immigration advice for low income people. Some examples I found by googling:

  • Catholic Charities of the East Bay | Immigration and Citizenship
  • East Bay Community Law Center
  • Alameda County Bar Association - Volunteer Legal Services/Immigration Clinic I'm sure there are more ...

Need ''Legal Aid'' for illegal immigrant

Feb 2010

Hello all I am looking for a referral to a ''legal aid'' group that works with illegal aliens. This particular case revolves around a driving ticket where the illegal alien was basically profiled for having a driver's license from Oregon, and that led to other actions that I find extremely distasteful if not illegal. Wondering if there are groups out there that would help in situations such as this. Thank you in advance.

Try the ACLU! They may take the case if it involves a civil liberties violation, and especially if it could help change existing law or establish a precedent. Anon

Contact Canal Alliance based in San Rafael for a resource in Oakland/Berkeley; they have an immigration legal department. Legal Aid of Marin might also be of help in terms of resources--I'm pretty sure there are similar orgs in the East Bay, but I am most familiar with Marin. Patti

Cesar Ternieden is a very good immigration attorney with a lot of experience in dealing with illegal immigrants cases. He speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. He may be reached at 415-845-6151. Simona