Making Home Safe for Elders

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Professional to do a walk-through at my mom's house?

June 2011

My sister and I are helping my Mom declutter and organize her home so that it is more comfortable and safer for her. I am wondering if there are professionals that will come a do a home walk through and make recommendations on what needs to be fixed, replaced etc. We aren't looking for an overall mental, physical evaluation on Mom but rather someone that would suggest things like replacing the shag carpeting, putting bars in the shower, etc. I know that there are people who do this to make a home 'baby safe' so I was hoping there were people who do this to make a home 'elder safe'. Thank you. careful daughters

Hi - definitely call Home Safety Services! They do exactly what you need. Check them out at or call 650.571.7774. They are licensed and bonded contractors and certified aging-in-place specialists. THey can do an assessment and install same day. Take care and good luck. Dana

The 'Safe at Home' program with Rebuilding Together Oakland offers this kind of service at no cost, but is intended for low-income, older homeowners. If your mom would not fit that description, then they may still have some recommendations.