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Programs for seniors with dementia in the East Bay

May 2011

I'm looking for some kind of drop-in program I can take an 80-year-old woman who has mild dementia, and misses intellectual stimulation at the residential care facility where she lives. Discussions of current events, story telling, general conversation with peers, that sort of thing. She went once to the Brain Builders class at the West Oakland Senior Center, but most of the attendees were younger and it was a bit fast-moving and too structured for her.

The Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay at 2320 Channing Street, Berkeley, has an excellent day program. They also have two support groups that meet weekly at the same time for eight-week sessions with a two-week break: one for caregivers and one for early stage AD people. I participate in the caregivers support group. Their phone number is 510-644-2470; or email Geri Degen: geri [at] Hope this helps. carol

The Adult Day Care Networks of both Alameda and Contra Costa County are excellent resources for finding various programs in the bay area. (Contra Costa) and (Alameda). There are a range of programs that strive to meet the needs of people with various levels of dementia. Each program will have its own protocols and procedures for admittance and it may take some time to sort out the appropriate program, but speaking from experience (I coordinate an adult day program) they can make a difference in both of lives of the person with dementia and their caregivers. Feel free to email me for further or if you would like to talk. Melissa

Until a couple of years ago, my husband went to a great program run by Bay Area Community Services, located on Martin Luther King. The staff was just terrific. Ann

hi~ i stumbled upon LARC while attending an event at holy shepherd church in orinda. LARC operates in a rec room on site. (note: daycare is NOT religious at all, just happens to be at a church) cost: $40.00 per 4 hr day staff: outstanding convenience: right off moraga way, less than 5 minutes from hwy 24. participants: small group setting, 12 max i think. staff: did i mention, they were outstanding?
i could not have dreamt a better program for my mom. she LOVES it. fun and dignity in spades!

Day care for senior with dementia?

Nov 2009

Hello. Looking for recommendation for a senior day care center, drop in or live in, that will cater to someone 80something patient with dementia. Mobile but needs stimulation and to be watched.

I heard a great segment on NPR a few months back about a movement in elder care and nursing homes. It was a national show but they spent much time talking about the Center for Elder Independence based in Oakland. After hearing the show, that is the place I would want my mom or dad to be. Lisa