Books about Nutrition

Archived Q&A and Reviews

July 2003

I have decided that after my children are grown up a bit more I would be interested in perhaps studying to become a nutritionist. I am extrememly interested in how what we consume impacts our health, both positively and negatively. Such subjects as food combining, allergies, and the nutritional/healing benefits of food as well as the detrimental effects of such things as pesticides are of great interest to me. I am not ready for any studying but thought I might start reading up on the subect in my minimal spare time. Does anyone have any suggestions on good books that I could get as well as where to get them? Much thanks, Hungry for Knowledge

This is a list of nutrition books that are recommended by an anthroposophical MD. The Crazy Makers--How the Food Industry is Destroying our Brains and Harming our children by Carol Simontacchi The Diet Cure by Julia Ross Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon Smart Fats by Michael Schmidt Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser eve