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6-month-old soaked in milk from bottle

March 2003

My 6 month old gets bottles of pumped breastmilk, and some formula mixed with breastmilk, when I am at work. Although she rejected the bottle at first, she now eagerly reaches for it. However, when she drinks from the bottle a lot of the milk runs down her chin, soaking through her bib and clothes. The milk seems to run out the corners of her mouth while she is sucking and swallowing. She doesn't mind in the slightest, but it makes feeding her, particularly when we're out, difficult. I thought she'd outgrow it, but it's been about two months and there hasn't been any change. I have tried all different shapes of nipples, and nothing seems to make a difference. I'd love a suggestion about what to do. Rebecca

Maybe she needs a nipple that doesn't flow so fast. If you haven't already, try the kind for newborns that have smaller/fewer holes. VM

My son did that too. He's now 17 months old and is much neater when he nurses/drinks from a bottle. It's eating solid food that is very messy now! Your daughter should grow out of this. Just keep a bib on her. Amanda