Visa and Work Permits for Nanny

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March 2002

I am looking for advice on how to bring a nanny over from my home country. The nanny is really my cousin and she would like to be nanny to our child for about a year. I need advice on dealing with immigration. Does anyone know of INS provisions for this sort of situation? Has anyone else done this? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Edna

I know of two ways of doing this. One is with a tourist visa. Since she is your cousin, she may be able to obtain a 6-month visa, although it's at the discretion of the consulate and lately they have been stingy with those. She would have to go back to her country halfway through her stay and get another visa. Otherwise, she can only stay three month at a time before she needs to go out of the country (further than Canada or Mexico) and get a new one.

The other way is through an au-pair agency, which will cost you around $5000 but includes part of the trip (to NY, which may not save much these days), some orientation, and medical insurance. Then she gets a one-year J1 visa.

It may be possible to get a temporary work visa, but I suspect it would be much harder. Luigi