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Parking and traffic problems with neighbor's home daycare

Sept 2006

Hi Everyone,

I need advice regarding problems encountered with a family child care facility run out of my neighbor's home. While I do not know anything about the quality of the facility and how they treat their children, the amount of vehicular traffic and lack of parking near my home has become a huge nuisance.

Here's a list of the problems this day care is causing: people double parking on the street in front of the house to pick/drop off kids; clients blasting their music as if our residential street was a concert hall; excess vehicles owned by the child care parked for days on end in front of our properties and rarely used; and most recently, employees who leave their cars in front of my house throughout the weekend.

I am getting really annoyed at all of the above situations because we live on a residential street, that has very limited parking, basically, each home has one street parking space. However, these people who run the day care neither control the traffic arriving to their business, nor care about the fact that they are inconviencing their neighbors.

One of the employees has been leaving their car parked in front of my house through the weekend, and even had the nerve to have a mechanic come work on it in the street for two weekends in a row! I left a reasonible note on her car asking her to at least pull all the way forward if she was to park there. She flew off the handle at me, and immediately became belligerent and antagonistic at me. She acted like it was her god given right to do as she pleases.

I'm fed up!

I have not approached the owner of the Day Care facility yet, because in the 2 years that I have lived here, she has never once seemed like an approachable person.

If and when I approach her and discuss this topic with her, and she is unreasonable about any of the problems, do I have ANY legal measures available? Does any know the City of Oakland codes regarding traffic and belligerent day care employees?

Where do I find information to make living on my street more bearable?

Any info would be much appreciated.

Put up a warning sign. Then start having them all towed if they linger. After a while people will be afraid to park in front of your house. Don't know that there is much you can do about the temporary parking and noise, though. The OPD needs to be able to witness the offense first hand to issue a ticket -Mean but works

Good lord. Get over yourself. You are upset because people park on the street in front of your house? Too bad! Thats what the street is for! You act like they are parking on your front lawn

I would suggest a couple of things: First, ask them to limit their parking. Tell them you'll call and have double parkers ticketed and towed. Check if the day care has a business license (underhanded but could ultimately work). Oakland PD also has what's called ''community police'' or something like that. Check the Oakland PD website, somewhere within I had gone down to the main PD downtown to deal with a different kind of problem neighbor, and the person at the front desk was more than happy to help and gave me the whole list. That way you can start working on solutions. Good luck

I would start by contacting Community Care Licensing (CCLD) to find out if she is a licensed daycare. Also find out what her capacity is. If she isn't licensed or is exceeding her capacity, file a complaint. CCLD is obligated to investigate within a few days of receiving a complaint. The traffic and double parking is not safe when there are so many little kids involved. I would let her know that you are concerned about accidents and that you'll report double parking incidents to the OPD. In most cities, there is a time limit on street parking in order to prevent abandoned vehicles - 24 or 48 hours maybe? Look up the regulations and let her know that you are planning to report vehicles that have exceeded the limit. Also check into the noise ordinance in Oakland - how early it's happening, how loud it is, where it's coming from.

Noisy next door day care from hell

April 2005

We moved into our first house several months ago but failed to anticipate the noise that would be raised by the day care that backs into our back yard. I work from home and will soon have a baby. The noise drives me up the wall. It is a huge distraction. It is possitively unnerving. I've tried hard for months to ignore it, mask it, ask them to keep it down-all to no avail. I feel like an ogre, but it is only going to get worse as the summer comes. They are already out four, five hours a day-and screaming much of the time. The director also yells when she is out there, but for the most part it seems the kids are unsupervised. What can I do? Does anyone know who we can call or what our rights are in this? Do you think an air horn would be overkill? Help! mean ol' ogre

Dear Ogre, This would annoy the heck out of me too. I think you will find you have no legal recourse on this, as the noise is generated during the day, not during sleeping hours.

You should get better sound insulation. I was told that if you build a wall next to another wall, just leave a small air gap between the walls and the sound will not be able to travel. This means leaving your windows closed during the day and a smaller workspace, but your sanity is worth it. If you don't wish to do this, perhaps you could work elsewhere, which seems more reasonable than buying a new house!

Whatever you do, you need to address this, as I don't think the kids and the noise will go away. I don't recommend your bullhorn idea though. :D Ali

I don't know how to really solve the problem, but as a very noise-sensitive person myself, I can tell you about some amazing headphones you can try for free for 30 days. They use ''reverse soundwave technology'' to detect the soundwaves of continuous noise (like traffic, BART noise, or, probably, kids screaming) and make an opposite sound wave that cancels out the one coming in. It makes it much quieter and still easier to hear non-continuous noises, like conversation. You can wear them alone or listen to music through them. They don't have any wires coming from them. Really a huge relief to put them on. You can get them from and return them within 30 days if you don't like them, and they might give you some relief until you solve the problem. no noise

I'm sorry to say, but kids make noise. Especially lots of kids. You will soon find this out. Unless you are willing to move, I'd say your only option is earplugs or those noise muffling head phones. I think an air horn will only get you cited for disturbing the peace yourself, and harassing children. I don't think it is at all realistic to ask kids in childcare to ''keep it down.'' Especially when they are outside.

You could also investigate double paned glass for your windows, and some extra thick noise-muffling drapes. That would be about it Shushing is for Libraries