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Bad idea to have an after-school party?

Jan 2007

I am considering having a mid-week, after school (3 to 5-ish) birthday party for my daughter. I would pick up a few kids from her pre-school and keep them at home until the parents are ready to pick them up at our house, or I would even drive them home. Is it a bad idea, or not? Any advice will be really appreciated! A Mom

I think it's a great idea. Much less stress than a weekend party. I went to one that a friend had for her daughter, and it was great. Plus, some parents may appreciate the ability to keep their weekend a little freer for family time. I know sometimes I am bummed about taking my kids to a party on a Saturday or Sunday, for that reason. I say go for it.
It's a great idea! I did it two years ago and started a trend at our daughter's school. It's short, but sweet. I would have the parents pick up their kids, though. It makes it easier on you. You'll probably be tired after hosting a party to a group of pre-schoolers. Have fun! J
I think you should be directing this question to the parents whose children you intend to invite. It really depends on how well they know you. You may be the best driver and have a very safe home but unless I personally know you, I would not have that comfort level to let my kid leave with you. For example, I don't know anything about the car seat you would seat my child in, I don't know what adults will be at your house and if they are trustworthy. Sounds paranoid, huh? But that's what it is to be a mother, which you already know. However, if you guys are a tight-knit group of parents this might not be an issue (but then again, if you were that close, you would probably be asking them, not posting this question to the board). Just don't take it personally if some parents politely decline your offer. Personally, I love going to birthday parties with my pre-schooler and it's not as appealing an offer if I am unable to accompany him due to it being a weekday. Then it becomes more of a question of ''how can I make sure he will be safe'' and not about just having fun. anon
As a stay-at-home parent of a preschooler, I like the school-day birthday parties. They save us from having to use a family weekend day to go to a party. Late afternoon is great too, as this is often a difficult time when kids are tired, so having something to occupy them is wonderful.

That said, it might not be so great for you. The kids might be tired, some of them might have after-school activities, etc. Also, you should be careful if you're picking up just ''some'' of the kids from the preschool--the ones who weren't selected for the party might notice and be hurt. Have fun and good luck A party parent

Hi- I just wanted to add that as a mom who works outside the home, I find weekday parties really frustrating; they essentially draw a line between the SAHM and the WOHMs and the only ones who loose out are the kids.

My son has missed a few parties this year because they were held at 4 and 5pm on a Wednesday. And as a preschooler he doesn't grasp the concept that we can't go because I work and Sally's mommy doesn't.

If you are inviting a bunch of kids from your childs class, please leave some consideration for the working parents. workin' fool

In the last issue there was a response from a working mom who said her son had to miss weekday parties. I'm a working mom too, and I wanted to point out that the original poster said she planned to pick the kids up from school herself, and keep them till the parents can pick them up, or even take them home after the party herself. I think this is awesome! What a thoughtful parent! I would love a party like this, and I know my kid would have a great time.