Star Wars Birthday Party

Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2012

My son has his heart set on having a Star Wars birthday party and I'm desperate for some great ideas. He really wants to have a 'Jedi Training Session' similar to what they do at Disneyland. Has anyone had a party like this or been to one and would be willing to share some suggestions? Ideally I'd love to find a party entertainer that might be able to do Star Wars. Thanks for your help! MCC

If you're into baking the cake, this was an awesome and fun R2D2 birthday cake. You use Rice Krispy treats cut into the shape of the legs, and the body is halved 9' round cakes (I baked a little batter in a mixing bowl for the head). Frost with white frosting and then decorate with blue and black decorating icing. wannabe baker

For our son's Star Wars party, I got a ball-shaped pinata and painted it as the death star [gray paint with sharpie line-work]. I made the stick look like a light saber and put tiny little toys and raisins, and a bit of candy inside. I also got a bunch of those inflatable, light-up sabers as take-homes, with which the kids had a free-for-all battle. We used a few of my son's figurines on a cake frosted to look like the lava scene where Anakin and Obi-Wan battle. It was fun! -jmf