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Soccer birthday party for 7 year old

April 2006

My soon to be 7 year old son is set on having a soccer birthday party. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? My concern is that some of his friends are not as enthusiastic about soccer as he is and may not be interested in participating. Does anyone know of anyone who can help run the party and engage the kids in fun soccer activities? Any leads or ideas are welcomed. Thank you. anon

One of the most successful parties we ever had was a baseball party for my then 10-year-old son. We reserved a field and hired two members of our local high school baseball team to run things. We bought cheap jerseys in two colors (handy party favors), split the kids into teams, and turned the HS kids loose. Everyone had a ball (no pun intended). Most of the kids at the party were into baseball, but not everyone was an experienced player. Having big kids there, running drills and acting as team ''coaches,'' was irresistable to the younger ones. Hates planning parties
How wonderful that your son wants to have a (healthy) sports- minded party!!! Some ideas from a mom who loves to have simple yet fun theme parties: How about having your party fieldside? At a grassy field? Bring soccer balls along and have a dribbling race (for a prize of course!) perhaps as a game. See who can bounce the soccer ball the most on their knee. Have friends who are into soccer bring their own balls... If enough kids are interested you could scrimmage. I doubt many 7 year olds have a dislike for soccer. Best case scenario, your party might interest a friend in the sport which would be great. A cake you decorate like a soccer ball would be a hit. For the goodie bags I would think sweatbands or something (useful too) fun like soccerball keychains, a jersey (very cheap in mexico if you know anyone living or travelling there), whistles or soccer socks... Mom and dad can don B+W stripes and whistles to be the offical party referees... Make the theme black and white - balloons/paper goods, etc? The possibilities are endless. Do a few fun things and your son and his friends will have a super fun sports party. But in my mind, the most fun (and benefit) would be in being outdoors and running and being with friends. Love those outdoor parties for kids
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