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  • My daughter's 6th birthday is coming up, and she's requested a space themed birthday party. We've decided to have the party at home, since Chabot is a little more than we'd like to spend. I was thinking of having someone come to our house and give a demonstration in our backyard on making a comet out of dry ice or something similar. However, I haven't been able to find any entertainers that will do this. I was considering finding a grad student who wanted to make a little extra money. Has anyone done this before? I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

    My child had space themed birthday parties at ages 3,4,5,6 and 7! So I've got lots of experience. 

    I found craft kits at Oriental Trading that worked fine.  One was a flyer that kids pop out, put together, and color (made out of foam board). That was a good one  Another good one was inflatable space shuttles, just help each child blow theirs up & they had a ball playing with them. 

    At an older age, we did Alia seltzer / film canister rockets. It's fun but messy & requires too much adult involvement  

    Personally, I don't think an entertainer or a more difficult craft is needed at that age. Although having an adult or teen at the craft table to help is important. 

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Science party for just a couple of friends

April 2007

My daughter would like a small science party for her birthday- with just a couple friends. So, it wouldn't make sense to have it lawrence Hall of Science. Does anyone know a person who could do some fun experiments with the girls or give a special tour of anyplace having to do with science for a small group? Thanks Linda

You can do it yourself. We have done 2 great home science parties for 7 and 9 year olds using kits from Steve Spangler Science. You can shop via the Internet. One was a Hermione's Potion Party- they have a kit for about $15 per person that is a test tube rack with 5 experiments each in a tube. (I have seen that particular kit at Target once, too.) For that price they end up with things to take home they've made and you don't need goody bags. You also don't need any fancy facilitator- the kits are easy to understand with very interesting, colorful, fun results. If it's this summer, you can steal my theme- the last Harry Potter movie is coming up! Hermione's mom
For your daughter's science party, call MadScience- their office is in Walnut Creek, but they do birthday parties and afterschool programs all over the east bay. Go Science!
What about a trip to the Exploratorium. They frequently have demos like the cow's eye disection and maybe you could arrange for something like that while you're there.