Restaurants for Kids' Birthdays

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Fun restaurant or ice cream parlor for birthday

Feb 2009

When I was growing up we always celebrated birthdays at Farrells Ice Cream Parlour and we loved it! Now I'm looking for a local restaurant or ice cream venue that offers table service and really fun birthday recognition (bells & whistles, singing at your table, hat to wear, general hoopla, etc) for my own kid. Any ideas? birthday fun seeker

Sounds like you want Fenton's on Piedmont Ave (as I'm sure a million other people will tell you as well!).

Hi. A few years ago we took our 2 year old for his birthday to Cafe Gratitude (on Shattuck). It happened to be their opening day, which meant the place was really hectic, but I imagine it has calmed down since. We told them it was his birthday, and when the dessert came out about 20 people came out to sing to him. Not sure if they still do that, but it was fun. My recollection is that is an organic, vegetarian place, so I'm not sure if that suits your tastes. I, too, miss Farrell's, especially when my parents caved into our request for the ''zoo'' mega ice cream bowl. Another Farrell's Fan

Have you considered Fenton's Creamery? Love it

Fentons is pretty close to Farrells, and CPK is a good family place.

Hi. I didn't see your original post but a couple of ideas for kid's party in a restaurant are: Hana Japan restaurant... they cook the food in front of you, doing tricks and all and bring out a great b-day candle/dessert etc. little kids, older kids and adults love it!

also, Chevy's in Emeryville, ... alot of the staff come out and sing happy birthday in Spanish, give the birthday person a straw hat to take home etc. cute.. have fun!

Nice Berkeley restaurant for 5yo's birthday

June 2008

I was planning to celebrate my son's fifth birthday with a dinner at T.J.'s Gingerbread House in Oakland and I heard it has closed. I am looking for recommendation for a similar place where a few adults and couple of children can have a nice dinner and interesting experience a at same time. mother

hanna japan in berkeley is way fun. my 4yo son loved it & the birthday person gets their food free! anon