Murder Mystery Party

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Jan 2011

Re: Turning 18 Birthday Party
There are pre-packaged mystery games for teens that involve sending out invitations letting the guest know who they will be at the party. They suggest costumes to wear and a little about their ''personality.'' That starts a buzz about the upcoming party. The food can be themed according to the mystery. Example: ''Chinese Take Out'' could involve Chinese food. ''Hot times at Hollywood High'' could involve just HS attire. The games are actually read not acted out so being shy wouldn't be a factor. If she likes Harry Potter, you could do a more mature Harry Potter themed party.

Thinking about having a murder mysery party

March 2010

I'm considering having a murder mystery party. Has anyone ever had one or been to one? What company or brand did you use? Was it fun? Any information or experience you can share would be great... curious

We did 'Murder on the Tyrannic' for my daughter's 16th birthday. We ordered it from the internet and it was fun. My daughter assigned characters ahead of time and everyone arrived dressed up. We also had a lot of entertainment with the suggested dinner menu. We did another at a family party and it also went well in a group with several generations. We passed the games onto other people afterward - there's no point doing them twice. Fiona Hamer