Indiana Jones Birthday Party

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Jan 2010

Hi, My son is turning 9 and wants an Indiana Jones birthday party. I found lots of advice on how to host one at home (e.g., toilet paper ''mummy'' wrap and treasure hunt), but woudl like to hear from my fellow Berkeley Parent Network families. Also, let me know where I can buy/borrow Indiana Jones stuff, like hat and whip for my husband who kindly agree to star as Indy, and rubber snakes and rats to fill up a baby pool (with no water). it ain't the years it's the mileage

The Party Warehouse carries Indy costumes, at least at halloween. You may need to order well in advance of your party since much costume stuff goes into seasonal storage. Toy Safari in Alameda may carry the hat/bullwhip year round. Also try the costume stores in Berkeley and Walnut Creek. Alana
We did an Indiana Jones party for our son's 11th. You may feel that this is too much for a 9 year old, but we had a great performance by a snake dancer. I asked that he dress in safari gear which he did nicely, and he had a basket with snakes in it and he did a short version of his usual middle eastern style snake dance which enraptured the kids (though there was some nervous snickering), very tame, and then he let the kids handle the snakes. The animals were very safe and I trusted his professionalism and he proved to be more than I expected in a positive way. We did green jungle punch - I think I got the recipe from a Real Simple or a Martha Steward Kids magazine. I designed custom invitations with mottled paper and burnt edges. We had the party in Tilden Park in a reserved picnic area which was perfect. We found stetson hats online, I think either costume express or oriental traders. Also found our giveaway there - skull necklaces which I wrapped in burlap. Also, used burlap for our tablecloth, and got cute paper map placemats. We had games involving treasure hunts, 3 legged sack races, and ball related games. It was a great party. octobercat