Hello Kitty Party

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July 2003

Hi, For her 5th birthday, my daughter wants a Hello Kitty birthday party. Since her birthday is mid-summer, I may have the party at home, where it is cooler. Due to summer vacation, it looks like many of her friends are out of town, and there will be a maximum of 6 children at the party, including her. Does anyone have any indoor games or crafts they can suggest, for a small group of 5 year old girls? If the game/craft has something to do with Hello Kitty, even better; if not, thats fine too. Alternatively, does anyone have any suggestions about/experience with where else I could hold a nice party for this group? Thank you, Mommy-of-a-summer-kid

A Hello Kitty theme should be very easy. Just hit a Sanrio store and pick up a kit of colored pencils, stickers, stencils, paper, etc. for each child. Hand them out at the beginning of the party and invite them to decorate paper hats to wear or just make pictures or whatever they want. You can also probably find materials for a simple game or two. Pin the nose on Kitty? A beanbag toss with cutouts of different characters on the targets? A treasure hunt for Kitty-related prizes? The Sanrio store will have all sorts of cute little things to use as prizes and favors and decorations. Holly
There is a Sanrio shop near Nordstrom's in the Stonestown Galleria (here in SF). I went there recently to purchase party favors for my son's bday. I was able to get little hello kitty purses (very nice ones in fact) for less than $4/piece. There are many little items in there for very cheap (stickers, pens, pencils, pads, stamps, coin purses, etc...) with the Sanrio (Hello Kitty and friends) logos. You may want to make the trip to just get some of these fun items for the party. Hello Kitty Friendly
I think a hello kitty party falls into the realm of art project parties, so here are my suggestions. For any party with projects I recommend a trip to the recycling place (I'm spacing out its name) on San Pablo on the West side of the street below Ashby. We did a five year old art party and found stuff suitable for making magic wands, money bags which I washed and then the kids drew on with fabric paint, and shiny paper. I'd also suggest that afterwards you go to Amsterdam Art (the locally owned art supply store) and fill in with the materials you need -- we needed fabric paint and some glue. I also indulged in blank puzzle kits, so the kids could draw their own puzzles. If you have interesting materials, you and your daughter can come up with a narrative to go with the materials. My other suggestion is to set up the party with three stations -- two projects, and a drawing/decorating station for decorating a table size paper (you can buy that in a roll at Amsterdam Art) as a birthday poster. When they arrive they start on the poster, and when most of the kids are there you explain the projects. Depending on the kids, the projects can last about an hour or an hour and a half, then cake and it's time to go. It goes more smoothly if you have a teenage or adult friend who can come and help the kids do the projects. Have Fun! Note from Myriam: The place mentioned above is the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse The Depot is located at 6713 San Pablo Ave Oakland, CA 94608 Store hours are 11 - 6, seven days a week.
Hello Kitty is a pretty easy party... Just stop by a Sanrio store and get some stationery, stickers, etc. I've seen Hello Kitty Pinatas somewhere, but that can be kind of scary for someone who loves Hello Kitty. Cake should be easy enough... Maybe just Hello Kitty figurines on top of your regular cake. Activities: Well, pin the tail on the Hello Kitty? Arts and Crafts with Hello Kitty items? I've seen some Hello Kitty stuff at Target, so you might try there. Also, I just checked Birthday Express (http://www.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/product.asp?sku=E2581 ) and they definitely have Hello Kitty stuff. Have fun! Mom to a hello kitty fan