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Construction truck plates, banners, etc. for 3yo's party

August 2011

I am looking for construction-truck (non-branded - ie., no Tonka) themed birthday party plates, napkins, banners, etc. for my upcoming 3 year old's party. Any online or bricks and mortar source anybody's lately tried for this? Thanks! B-day Mom

'Non-brand' construction is actually a pretty easy party theme to find. Some possibilities, from merchants I've been happy with in the past:

As far as local bricks-and-mortar options: The Paper Plus outlet on San Pablo (near Virginia). Great balloons, and a more eclectic assortment of paper goods and so on than you usually find at the big chain party supply stores. They may or may not have a construction theme. I miss the El Cerrito Party Warehouse!

For a 3yo, in my experience, themed plates and banners are unnecessary - they care more about the activities and food. But I think you can find non-branded construction-themed paper goods at Boswell's in Lafayette, maybe at Party Warehouse by Jack London Square, and definitely online at places like

When we did a construction party for my 3yo a few years back, we decorated with yellow caution tape from Home Depot and kid-size orange cones and used plain yellow or orange plates. The biggest hit of the day was a big pile of pea gravel and kid-size shovels in the backyard for the kids to mess around in. I love this site for theme party ideas, btw: Mom of Boys

My son had a Construction Truck theme birthday party and I found plates, napkins, and a pinata at We also bought a large dump truck at the store, washed it very well then loaded it with chocolate cake squares mixed with chocolate pudding. This was his birthday cake and he loved every bit of it! Love Theme Parties
Yes! I use Birthday Express - Here is the link for the construction theme.

You could also have a 'fake construction site' if you hold the party at the park. You could convert the sand pit into the construction zone. Or you could build a sand box, and put sand and gravel in it.

Also, Discovery Museum, Sausalito has a Construction theme area that you might get some idea on. They have orange worker's vest, trucks, gravel, trucks, shovels, hardhats etc..Maybe have the party there??

Hopefully this will help you. Congrats on reaching the terrific 3's.. Happy Birthday!! Hannah