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Ladybug Party Supplies?

April 2010

I am throwing a ladybug theme birthday party for my daughter but having a hard time finding party supplies. I am specifically looking for a ladybug pinata and cupcake decorations. Also interested in anything red with black polka dots on it (ie. napkins, laytex balloons, table cloths, etc.) Anyone have any ideas besides the internet? Love Ladybugs!

Ladybug cupcakes are really easy to make. I made some like these before: http://hopskipjump.typepad.com/hop_skip_jump/2005/09/sugar_h igh.html but if you Google ''ladybug cupcakes'' you find tons of ideas and instructions. I piped the spots on with frosting, but you could also use brown M for super-easy spots. I haven't made a ladybug pinata before, but I've made pinatas with kids as young as 3 and they're a fun, fairly easy project the birthday kid might even be able to help with - make it over a balloon or bowl, depending on the shape you want. There are a bunch of fun ladybug party ideas here: http://www.amazingmoms.com/htm/party.ladybug.htm. Our favorite was the deely-boppers/antennae made with headbands and pipecleaners. Crafty Mama
I know you said ''besides the internet'', but thought I'd recommend Party Express--I've ordered from them several times and they have a cute ladybug party package with cupcake toppers, pinata, etc. http://www.birthdayexpress.com/Ladybugs-Party-Supplies/42069/PartyKitDetail.aspx?REF=KNC-CEgoogle_party=COWH5Oen86ACFQZbiAodJlocwA heidi
Oh this is an easy one - been there!

Oriental Trading Company (Google it) has a huge supply. Go to their website and search for 'ladybug' and you'll find it all, including a ladybug pinata and cupcake toppers!

Rather than cupcakes, there are actually a number of VERY simple ladybug cakes you could do - go to ''Google Images'' and search for ''ladybug cake'' and you'll see lots of options.

For cake decorations, try Spun Sugar on University in Berkeley; www.spunsugar.com. I don't know specifically if they have lady bug cupcake decorations, but I do remember searching high and low for dinosaur stuff, and then finding that they have dinosaur-shaped sprinkles (sprinkles!). Maybe give them a call. Also, there is a party supply store up on College called Sweet Dreams that has a bunch of party theme stuff. You could call and see if they have lady bugs. Chelsea
There are tons of good places to get party supplies, in almost any theme you can imagine, online. But you asked for ideas ''other than the Internet.'' So...the local possibilities I would go to are the Party Warehouse on San Pablo in El Cerrito (great prices, and a more extensive selection than you might think from the size of the place), the Paper Outlet on San Pablo near Virginia in Berkeley (great balloons, good prices on a decent assortment of party supplies and stationery), and Party City in the strip mall on Klose Way in Richmond, near Hilltop Mall. For cupcake picks or decorations, try Spun Sugar on University Ave and/or a JoAnn or Michael's store.

With any of these places, you can call and ask the staff if they have any ladybug themes in stock.

Also worth a try: dollar stores.

Ladybug themes are pretty common so you shouldn't have too much trouble. Or make your own stuff! You can, for example, simply use a Sharpie to draw black dots on a red balloon. If you have more advanced crafting skills you can make your own ladybug pinata and cupcake picks too. Have fun! Partying Mama

Have you tried Spun Sugar (on University near California St.)? No guarantees, but they do have an amazing assortment of cake decorating stuff. For decorations - red with black dots shouldn't be too hard to do-it-yourself, either. R.K.

Five year old son wants a bug party

June 2006

Hi, My son wants a bug party for his 5th. I am looking for someone with a bug collection to come to my house to show to the kids. Has anyone heard of anything like this? I can find lots of stuff for shows with reptiles (last year we used the Vivarium, which by the way was fantastic), but nothing on bugs. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks! Mother of a Budding Bug Scientist

Not exactly what you were asking for, but heres a link to birthday performers I've heard good things about. They dress up in bug costumes and have an Insect Song CD. http://www.sandiandstevie.com/ anon
Try calling the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. They have a bug program called ''Insects in Action'' that sounds exactly like what you want. My students (1st graders) saw many different kinds of bugs at the Lawrence Hall of Science and they do reasonably priced birthday parties there but I think they also can come to you. Good Luck~ anon
My son has been into bugs since he could find them. When he was little he was a member of ''Bug of the Month'' a monthly program from Sarah's Science. http://www.sarahscience.com/bugs/index.html Contact Sarah and see if she has an idea. Maybe you can do a bug birthday with her. If you do it like bug of the month, you get a to take home a bug to raise! mom of a future entomologist
Sorry, I can't recommend someone to bring bugs, although you might check with the Vivarium, or with the Lawrence Hall of Science biology lab or whomever teaches the bug class there. Here's an alternative or additional activity--when my son was into bugs, we had a birthday party where we provided little plastic terrariums and some soil, rocks and small plants. They each made a terrarium. I had bought a few packages of plastic bugs. I hid the bugs throughout the yard. After the kids finished making terrariums, they got to hunt for plastic bugs to add to their terrarium (I think I limited it to a certain number each, so that everyone got some). It was a great success. If your party isn't too big, I happen to have about 10 plastic terrariums left over from my son's 9th grade science project (bugs once again) which I would be happy to pass on to you. k.
I know this isn't exactly bugs, but we did my daughter's 5th birthday at Crab Cove in Alameda. The naturalists there do a fabulous job (and maybe can focus more on bugs then on crabs?). You first spend some time looking at exhibits, which I believe do include some bug specimans. Then they do a crab presentation in a separate room where they dress up the birthday child piece by piece in a crab costume as they explain the different parts. Then the kids get to make a crab mask and claws. Then they take you all down to the beach to look for the little brown crabs - VERY COOL! After that, you can use their picnic tables on their deck for the cake part. You have to bring your own cake and decorations, but I think they supplied goody bags that I augmented with plastic bugs, etc. My 12YO daughter still talks about this party. I don't recall the exact fee, but it was reasonable. Cathy