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7 year old wants bird-themed party

Feb 2007

My daughter (turning 7) wants to have a bird theme birthday party at our house. Does anyone have a recommendation for a someone who comes to the home with birds for parties? thanks. pj

You might want to check into Happy Birds ( I have not used them, but I was planning to before deciding to have a party at Sulphur Creek Nature Center (they bring out various animals, including some birds). Happy Birds looked like a lot of fun, but it was also a little expensive. Ellen
Go to -search for birds. They have a few listings in the bay area. anon
I don't know of anyone who brings live birds to parties, but since this is the Advice newsletter anyway I'd say that if I were you, I'd rather stick to non-live birds in my house anyway! Pictures of birds, plastic figurines of birds, those stuffed animal Audubon birds, craft store feathers-on-foam birds, birdhouses, birdcall whistles, birding journals and guides, toy binoculars...I can think of all sorts of things you could use to create ''bird theme'' activities, decorations and favors. Food, too: among other possibilities, plenty of egg- shaped treats are available right now for Easter! Holly
My daughter's 6th and 7th bday parties were at the Rotary Nature Center on Lake Merritt. For one, they made birds (paper pre-cut shapes) and glued on feathers. They also hung out at the lake and fed the birds there. Good luck.